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Personal Data Management Request

Privacy Statement on Huawei Data Subject Rights Requests

Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. (collectively, "Huawei", "we", and "us") provides you with a platform ("this Platform") for requesting data subject rights.

This Privacy Statement ("this Statement") is a supplement to Huawei Privacy Policy. Your use of this Platform signifies your acceptance for us to process your information according to this Statement and Huawei Privacy Policy.

We will act in a lawful and appropriate manner to collect and use only necessary information (country, applicant type, name, email address or telephone number, request subject, and detailed request) submitted when you send the data subject rights request. During the processing of your data subject rights request, we may also obtain your Huawei ID and other related information, which we will process in the same lawful and appropriate manner. The collected personal information is required for response to your data subject rights request. If you provide personal information on behalf of another data subject, ensure that you have obtained authorization from the data subject.

You can also submit a data subject rights request to ask us to correct or delete your personal information submitted through this Platform or withdraw your data subject rights request.

Your personal information will be stored in German for a period of six years, starting from the submission of this data subject rights request.

For any issues not mentioned in this Statement, please refer to the complete version of Huawei Privacy Policy at

Please submit your request on personal data here, we will respond to you soon.