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One ID for Airport Travel Solution

The Huawei Horizon Digital Platform integrates Artificial Intelligence (AI), big data, and video cloud technologies at airports, providing passengers with seamless access to a full range of services. Indeed, every step of the airport process is covered, from check-in and baggage drop, through pre-security check and security check using Facial Recognition (FR), to the smart Flight Information Display System (FIDS), targeted VIP lounge services, last call, and FR-based boarding. Using AI, the solution also improves airport security, using FR to enable quicker passenger security checks with fewer or zero physical inspection measures required. In addition, since passengers no longer need to present their ID documents, waiting times are reduced by 15 minutes during peak hours, and the risk of misplacing personal ID documents is virtually eliminated.

Why Huawei?

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    A Seamless Passenger Experience

    Ensuring a smoother airport journey, reducing passenger wait times by 15 minutes during peak hours — in turn, increasing the time passengers spend shopping and using other services — improves overall passenger satisfaction.

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    Increased Airport Operational Efficiency

    Increasing the proportion of self-service check-in kiosks to 70%, with full coverage for self-service boarding gates, greatly improves airport service efficiency.

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    Data Asset Accumulation

    Building new business models for airports of the future, data accumulation establishes new connections with passengers, helping to develop passenger service profiles, transforming them into data assets.

One ID for Airport Travel Solution Architecture

One ID uses the Horizon Digital Platform to integrate AI, big data, and video cloud technologies to develop an airport facial ID system, which enables smooth airport travel using FR.

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