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Three IT Transformations, Driving Ethernet Evolution for DCNs

As enterprise digital transformation gains momentum, data has become a key production factor. In turn, data centers — responsible for data computing, storage, and forwarding — have now become the single most important piece of critical digital infrastructure. As a result, data center Information Technology (IT) architecture, computing units, and storage media are all undergoing a seismic shift, driving Data Center Networks (DCNs) as a whole to evolve from multi-protocol to all-Ethernet.

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Data Center Autonomous Driving Network

Huawei's autonomous driving DCN solution provides full-lifecycle automation and intelligent O&M capabilities for data center networks. Built on a host of cutting-edge technologies, such as open programmability framework, service orchestration platform, digital twin, and knowledge graph, the solution enables unified O&M of multiple data centers, multiple clouds, and heterogeneous networks instead of single-vendor networks.

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Lossless Ethernet Storage Network for Data Centers

Huawei's NoF+ Intelligent Lossless Storage Network Solution features high bandwidth, low latency, and easy maintenance, making it the best choice in the all-flash era.
The lossless Ethernet-based NoF+ network introduces the unique iLossless algorithm to fully unleash the computing power, making it possible to build a lossless, highly reliable, and plug-and-play storage network in a data center. This future-proof network enables zero packet loss over long-distance transmission in the intra-city active-active scenario.


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Commutateurs de Centre de Données

CloudEngine data center switches — Ethernet switches widely used in diverse applications and in different network sizes, in both data centers and high-end campus networks — feature network scaling, automation, programmability, and real-time visibility.

iMaster NCE-Fabric

iMaster NCE-Fabric

iMaster NCE-Fabric est le contrôleur de réseau de data centers de nouvelle génération de Huawei. Ses composants centraux peuvent contrôler et planifier les ressources réseau de manière unifiée, et déployer des services automatiquement.

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iMaster NCE-FabricInsight

Huawei iMaster NCE-FabricInsight is an intelligent analysis platform oriented to data center networks. Based on big data analysis technologies, it provides users with ubiquitous network application analysis and visualized presentation to eliminate the boundary between applications and networks.

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    Building Leading Digital Business

    Competitiveness with A Highly Autonomous Driven Data Center Network (DCN)

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    Verified by the Tolly Group

    The Industry's First L3.5 ADN Tolly Has Evaluated