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Full Government Connectivity and Easily Accessible Services

As information technology penetrates into all aspects of social and economic life, countries around the world have incorporated digital transformation into their national strategies. Digital infrastructure is the key to support national digital transformation, including cloud computing infrastructure and network infrastructure. The computing power system of the former guarantees the orderly operation of the digital space, while the communication channel of the latter provides high efficient information transmission. In terms of cloud infrastructure construction, as the world's only provider of full-stack cloud data center solutions, Huawei has helped governments around the world build over 700 green, intelligent, secure and reliable cloud data centers. In terms of network infrastructure construction, Huawei provides solutions covering four scenarios: Government Backbone Network, State and City Government MAN, Government Campus Network, and Inclusive Connectivity to achieve “Internet for All”.


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National Digital Infrastructure

For national ICT construction departments and informatization companies, such as the Ministry of Communications and the Ministry of Digital Development, Huawei launches multiple scenario-based solutions from the perspectives of national cloud infrastructure and network infrastructure to help customers build a national digital foundation for the digital society.

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Digitalization of Ministries

For ministry customers such as the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Social Security, and tax bureaus, Huawei provides ICT infrastructure products and solutions to meet their digital transformation business requirements, ensuring service stability, optimal experience, and higher operation efficiency.

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Digitalization of Local Governments

For government office, governance, and public services efficiency enhancement, Huawei provides the State and City Government MAN Solution, Government Campus Network Solution, and e-Government Data Storage Solution to help customers implement government digital strategies and improve city governance.

Create Social Value Together

Adhering to the concept of "Enhancing National Digital Infrastructure, Accelerating Public Services Digital Transformation", Huawei has been focusing on business scenarios and continuously customized scenario-based government solutions based on advanced and innovative products and product portfolios.

Huawei Helps Tax Authority of Côte d'Ivoire Build Private Networks Using Optical Fibers and Microwaves

Huawei Helps Tax Authority of Côte d'Ivoire Build Private Networks Using Optical Fibers and Microwaves

The customized hybrid network solution ensures the operations and data security of national tax system.

Girona City Council upgrades ICT infrastructure as the foundation for a smarter future

ICT infrastructure upgrade the driving force for a smarter future

Campus and WAN connectivity infrastructure, plus SDN technology, and iMaster NCE-CampusInsight


Digital Transformation in Dubai: Who Is Playing the Critical Role?

Huawei FusionDC1000A one-stop data center solution features fast deployment, high reliability, and intelligent O&M. It helps Dubai build and put into use a data center within a short period of time, ensuring service data security and accelerating Dubai's digital transformation.


The Alicante Government in Spain Builds an Agile e-Government Network with Huawei

The Huawei CloudFabric 3.0 Hyper-Converged DCN Solution helps the Diputación de Alicante government offer secure, reliable, agile, and efficient public services, accelerating the government's digital transformation.


Cameroon's NSIF Is Drawing up a Digital Blueprint for Public Services

CNPS works with Huawei to transform a series of ICT facilities, including private cloud, microwave network, data center, and campus network, to improve the digital level of social security services and continuously provide higher-quality social insurance services for citizens.


Building a Municipal Data Center for the 'Pearl' in the South Coast of the Arabian Gulf

Huawei FusionModule2000 data center solution helps Abu Dhabi build a reliable, agile, and green disaster recovery data center, bringing visible flexibility and convenience to the sustainable development of the city and municipal service management.


eThekwini Pioneers a Smart City with Free Public Wi-Fi

Based on the advanced Wi-Fi 6 antenna technology and RF algorithm, Huawei works with the eThekwini government to build free public Wi-Fi hotspots to provide convenient and efficient Internet access for the public and promote economic development and social stability.


How Huawei Built a Foundation for Digital Government Construction in Beijing

Huawei’s Intent-Driven e-Government Extranet Solution helps Beijing upgrade and reconstruct its e-Government network, so that it could handle all government services and perform unified O&M on one network.