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Enterprises have both wired and wireless networks, and a variety of office terminals are emerging on the enterprise intranet or Internet that connect to office networks to access enterprise applications and resources in wired or wireless mode. However, security factors of terminals, such as viruses and system vulnerabilities, pose risks to the network as users’ terminals become the hotbeds of network attackers. By installing clients and checking the security status of terminals, and using network access control technology, an enterprise can prevent terminals that are not secure or do not meet the enterprise security policies, from accessing the network. Enterprise security policies can be implemented forcibly through technical measures to reduce cyber security incidents and enhance terminal compliance with enterprise security regulations.

VMware AirWatch

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AirWatch is a mobile security solution provider that offers mobile device management and security services for enterprises. It is a global leader in the mobile office management and security management fields. In 2014, AirWatch was acquired by VMware and has become a core component of VMware’s End User Computing solutions and provides technical support for VMware Workspace ONE UEM.

Huawei and AirWatch jointly launched the terminal security solution by combining Huawei’s campus network solution with VMware Workspace ONE UEM. This solution can provide management and compliance checks for mobile terminals, as well as configuration and centralized management of security policies, improving enterprise network and device security, and helping enterprises achieve digital transformation.

Ivanti focuses on overall IT solutions. It enables enterprises to control service delivery, simplify the service management process, implement real-time visibility of services and basic architecture, coordinate interaction among personnel, processes, and technologies, and finally optimize the service performance.

Huawei and Ivanti launched a joint campus network solution that can achieve unified management on access authentication, compliance checks, network access control, and user policy association of enterprises’ fixed terminals, enhancing the security of campus networks.

News: Huawei and Ivanti Sign a Cooperation Agreement to Maximize Endpoint Security and Management for Enterprise Campus Networks