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As the number and scale of data centers rapidly grow, energy consumption of data centers increases sharply. The traditional manual O&M approach can no longer meet the requirements of data centers in terms of power usage effectiveness (PUE) and O&M efficiency.
Against this backdrop, data center infrastructure management (DCIM) is attracting growing interest.
This white paper describes five phases from conventional O&M to smart O&M, and typical features of each phase.

Download it and you can:

Determine the current phase you are in, how data centers evolve, and how to improve the existing data centers;
Know the overview of availability management and the corresponding digital and intelligent measures for data center infrastructure. With these information, the O&M team can better standardize O&M management, formulate a smart O&M upgrade plan;
Transform from conventional O&M to smart O&M. Smart O&M tools are assisting O&M to become more efficient, securer, and sustainable.


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