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    MyNet Super-Charges Italian SMEs with Huawei GPON Technology

The Huawei GPON solution for Home and Business is green, stable, and reliable; it offers easy maintenance and low power consumption. In addition, there is room to grow: for example, it could be upgraded in the future to 10 GPON or even 50 GPON.


Mynet, based in Italy, has been providing fiber optic services to private complexes and public companies since the 1990s. Their current Chief Operating Officer, Giovanni Zorzoni, started with the company as an employee, and has worked his way up to co-owner and general manager.

“Since the beginning,” he says, “We have always tried to bring out the best from the products we use, to get to know the products deeply, and even enrich them, with software modifications. And this is still true today, even if we have grown a lot; we are among the first local-level operators by ownership of fiber optic network that we dig, install, activate and deliver to our customers.”

Partnering with Huawei, they deliver a top-level service to their customers. Zorzoni explains: “Huawei has always been a partner that, from a quality point of view, has always grown a lot. And while for some, Huawei may have been a choice of price, for us Huawei has always been a choice in the field of quality.”

In Italy, the European Commission has introduced a “Voucher 2.0 Policy,” a €610 million policy aiming to improve broadband access for small- and medium-sized enterprises. This has allowed Mynet to team up with SMEs across Italy to improve their networks, upgrading with Huawei GPON equipment.

According to Margrethe Vestager, Commissioner for Competition, “This €610 million Italian voucher scheme aims to increase the number of SMEs subscribing to high-speed broadband services in areas where suitable infrastructure is available, but currently insufficiently used. This will contribute to the economic development of SMEs in Italy, while ensuring that competition is not unduly distorted.”

The Voucher 2.0 Policy has enabled many ISP companies in Italy to quickly migrate their networks from DSL copper to fiber, which is currently a very pressing issue. With the increase of concurrent access requirements for multiple services, such as IPTV and VoIP, demand is higher than ever.


“Huawei as a partner has always supported us in our needs, providing us with ad hoc equipment for our 2.5 Gigabit solution,” says Matteo Dalla Bà, Technical Manager of Mynet. The fiber-based solution optimizes and simplifies network deployment, and benefits the enterprise customers with fast deployment of 2.5G networks.

Huawei equipment has proven to be both reliable and top of the line, during testing as well as in the field, proving ideal for small- and medium-sized businesses. The Huawei GPON solution for Home and Business is green, stable, and reliable; it offers easy maintenance and low power consumption. In addition, there is room to grow: for example, it could be upgraded in the future to 10 GPON or even 50 GPON.


Gianni Ferrari SRL is one such business that has benefited from Huawei GPON technology. Gianni Ferrari manufactures professional lawnmowers. “In the past, we had connectivity problems. We went from 100 megabit to a bandwidth of over 1 gigabit of connectivity,” says Achille Zatelli, IT Manager. “Already today we're backing up in the cloud and we're thinking about moving our entire infrastructure to the cloud. All this has been possible thanks to MyNet and the Huawei P812E equipment.”

Cressoni Impianti Tecnologici SAS, an electrical installation company, has also benefitted. IT Manager Roberto Laganà explains: “Currently, the company's infrastructure allows us to activate new opportunities to create dynamism within the company. We've upgraded from a bandwidth of 300 megabit to over 1 gigabit, so even from construction sites our external operators will be able to insert the orders through tablets; inserting items which, through the cloud and internet, and via network infrastructure will be transmitted directly to the vertical warehouse where missions will be created that operators will extract for our customers on the next day.”

Organizzazione Orlandelli is a company that designs and supplies to garden centers, florists, and plant & flower shops. They were struggling with their current network capabilities, and came to Mynet for help.

Marco Galli is an IT Technician for Organizzazione Orlandelli. “This new technology, with a speed (upgraded) from 300 megabit to 2 gigabit, allows us to make the most of our management software on the server,” he says. “The use of the website is also facilitated, allowing us to upload even heavy multimedia content.”

“Furthermore, thanks to the use of this new technology, we are planning to make the warehouse smarter, introducing scanners for reading codes and other solutions to make the logistics process more efficient.”

“In addition to the Mantua office, Organizzazione Orlandelli has an office in Jacksonville in the United States. Our American staff connect to our systems via VPN to use, for example, our management software. Thanks to MyNet's services, who installed the Huawei P812E, we can achieve all this,” says Galli.

Trend Servizi srl provides software and hardware solutions for companies, points of sale, and restaurants. They have been operating since 1981.The company is divided into two sectors: One aimed at companies that deal with information security, connection of customer companies to Trend Servizi headquarters, multifunctional machine, and everything related to business management; and the other, a sector aimed at retail, dealing with cash registers, food order management, et cetera.

“With the advent of MyNet, there was an explosion in this sector, because it helped us a lot to finally have a decent network speed, because when we started we had a bandwidth of 1200 bit,” says founder Annibale Lazzeroni.

The upgrade in bandwidth has been phenomenal. Paolo Bignotti, IT Manager, explains: “Thanks to the connectivitiy provided by MyNet and the Huawei P812E equipment, we upgraded from an internet connection at 300 megabit to 2 gigabit. This allows us to connect to our servers in data centers, manage backups and information, and provide our customers with remote assistance services so we can operate on their machines remotely.”

The Voucher 2.0 Policy has been a boon for small- and medium-sized business across Italy. With the help of MyNet and Huawei technology, the long-term performance and smoothness of internet access to enterprise clients’ terminals, telephone, and enterprise management services are greatly improved. Customers can easily connect to the network anytime and anywhere. Plus, all maintenance operations can be handled remotely at any time, which is extremely convenient.