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Huawei's multinational team of industry experts and insiders blends years of hands-on experience in crafting bespoke solutions for global enterprises working in the financial sector. Let them help your organization pivot toward the intelligent era, where mobile first and smart finance strategies will be key.


  • Chen Kun Te

    Chief Digital Transformation Officer, Financial Services Business, Huawei Enterprise BG
    Ex-CIO of the China Merchant Bank (CMB) Ex-President of the Ping An Bank Over 35 years of experience in finance and technology
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  • Jason Cao

    President, Global Financial Services Business Unit, Huawei EBG
    Jason Cao leads Huawei EBG’s business operations for the global financial services industry and is responsible for the management and development of global strategic clients.
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  • Vincent Chen

    CTO of Global Financial Services Industry, Huawei Enterprise BG
    Mr. Chen has over 25 years of experience in the IT & banking industry. Mr. Chen spent more than 6 years working for the Bank of China, where he was in charge of core banking application development on mainframes.
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  • Ron Raffensperger

    Senior Transformation Expert, Financial Services Business
    Senior positions in Marketing, Strategy, Sales and Development at Siemens, IBM and ROLM Telecommunications, along with startup companies in the database and SaaS industries Over 30 years of experience in the IT, software and telecom industries, with in-depth knowledge of the Financial Industry.
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  • Yuanxin Liu

    Solution Consultant,Financial Services Business, Huawei Enterprise BG
    Ex-CIO, China Foreign Economy and Trade Trust Co., Ltd. Ex-Assistant General Manager, ICBC Data Center 20 years of experience in finance and technology.
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  • Intelligent Finance Summit 2021

  • Bank 4.0

  • Banking Under the Pandemic

The Future of Intelligent Finance
FStech Group Editor Mark Evans sits down with Jason Cao, discuss the key trends in digital transformation for the Financial Services Industry (FSI).
What Opportunities Are Traditional Financial Institutions Facing?
Cao Tong, the former president of WeBank and the current chairman of Shenzhen Hande Financial Technology Holdings (HDFH), explains the opportunities at hand for traditional financial institutions.
How Did CMB Meet the Challenges Facing It?
Hou Weirong, General Manager of the Transaction Banking Department for China Merchants Bank (CMB), explains how the bank handled the challenges facing it.
Bank 4.0 Author Brett King: Chinese Mobile Wallets Lead the Way
Famed futurologist, FinTech pioneer, and author of Bank 4.0, Brett King discusses the state of play for digital payments in China.
Developing Trust In Tech
Do you trust technology? Bank 4.0 Author Brett King joins The Financial Brand Co-Publisher Jim Marous to discuss why technology is not the cause, but the solution to problems.
Accelerating Data Infrastructure for Future Banking
Kendell Chilton, VP and CTO of Storage and Data Management for Huawei, explores how, with financial transactions set to grow exponentially thanks to contactless procedures and more diverse channels, effectively combining business stability and agility is the key to success.
Best-Response and Capabilities on the Journey to Recovery
Michael Araneta, Head of Research and Advisory at IDC Financial Insights Asia/Pacific, discusses the joint release by Huawei and IDC of the Digital Transformation White Paper for Banks in the Post-Pandemic Era.
What Banks Need to Consider During the Pandemic and Under Lockdown
Chen Kun Te, Chief Digital Transformation Officer for the Financial Services Industry at Huawei's Enterprise Business Group, explains what banks need to consider during the pandemic and under lockdown.
Surviving and Thriving
Jason Cao, President of the Global Financial Services Business Unit for Huawei's BG, explores how FSI companies have continued to provide essential services through the pandemic period, largely relying on digital tools.

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Huawei & Deloitte White Paper: Combining Experience and Technology for Boundless Smart Banking

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