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Newest Tolly Report:Huawei CloudCampus Is Well Ahead of Cisco DNA

2019-12-06 750
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As enterprise digitalization rapidly accelerates, traditional Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is unable to address service development requirements in terms of efficiency and cost. As such, new technologies including automation and artificial intelligence (AI) are required to provide solutions for these digital transformation challenges, which include low Operations and Maintenance (O&M) efficiency due to increasingly complex ICT systems. As a result, these innovative technologies enable enterprises to step into the data-driven intelligent era.

Huawei commissioned Tolly to independently evaluate both the Huawei CloudCampus solution and the Cisco Digital Network Architecture (Cisco DNA) solution across four dimensions.

The Bottom Line:

 Network management: Both Huawei CloudCampus and Cisco DNA offer automation capabilities ranging from planning, design, deployment, and policy provisioning to network management. However, the Huawei CloudCampus solution provides more functionalities and offers deployment that is less time-consuming and labor-intensive than the Cisco DNA solution.

• Network O&M and experience assurance:Both Huawei CloudCampus CampusInsight and Cisco DNA Assurance support the use of AI algorithm-based machine learning capabilities to ensure network experience. Huawei CampusInsight can also predict potential faults and optimize the network, and can mine deeper and more comprehensive data than Cisco DNA Assurance.

• Cybersecurity: Huawei CloudCampus and Cisco DNA both support basic network security capabilities and automatic security policy provisioning. In contrast to Cisco DNA, Huawei CloudCampus is able to proactively deceive and defend against network threats using deception, while also offering a simplified architecture.

• Network openness: Huawei CloudCampus delivers comprehensive compatibility with industry applications, third-party systems and network devices, and network endpoints.

Huawei CloudCampus vs. Cisco DNA Overview

For a full report, please click this link: https://e.huawei.com/en/material/networking/633bc208c21d493ea7167b59c1d67347


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