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    Intelligent Power Distribution
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Intelligent Power Distribution Room Solution

Power distribution rooms consist of many sites, are widely distributed, and suffer from auxiliary systems that have poor interconnection and interoperability. Traditional manual inspection has problems such as low efficiency, difficult management, high costs, low security, and poor real-time performance. For future intelligent distribution room systems, a new O&M and management mode must be devised to meet digital service requirements, and shift from passive maintenance to proactive O&M.
Huawei's intelligent power distribution room solution replaces manual inspection with intelligent inspection. It monitors electrical equipment, personnel, the environment, and security in real time, implementing global site awareness. The intelligent analysis gateway extracts key information through AI computing. Based on the open architecture of edge computing, the intelligent analysis gateway implements fault analysis, operation analysis, device linkage, and local decision-making, reducing the pressure on data transmission and master station data processing. A unified remote device management system is provided to centrally manage a massive number of devices, containers, and applications. The solution supports the continuous training and optimization of cloud algorithm models, the remote provisioning of service and algorithm images, and remote upgrade and deployment, enabling unstaffed/least-staffed operations, enhancing lean management, and improving O&M quality and efficiency.


Dual Network Interface

Passive repair -> proactive prevention

• Comprehensive monitoring and fault prediction
• Creates a safe environment that eliminates potential risks such as electric shocks and poisoning, and shortens fault detection time.

Superior Performance

On-site O&M -> remote and intelligent O&M

• Changes regular inspection to status-based inspection with proactive emergency repairs to avoid tripping.
• Implements lean management to improve efficiency and changes inspection frequency from one inspection in several days to multiple inspections a day.

Single system -> edge-cloud synergy and centralized management

• Unified management of massive devices, containers, and applications.
• Continuous training and optimization of cloud algorithm models; remote provisioning of services and algorithm images; remote algorithm application upgrade and deployment to avoid onsite manual operations.


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