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    Industry WAN Portfolio Solution

    Build a stable, reliable, and future-oriented industry digital network foundation.


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Industry WAN 

Digital transformation of industries such as transportation and energy, poses many new requirements for WAN connectivity.
• Real-time control services require higher connection quality and reliability.
• Unmanned production requires the network to be extended to the edge to collect and backhaul on-site data in real time.
• Existing production services have various connection types and require sustainable network development.
Huawei's industry WAN portfolio solution is oriented to the transportation and energy industry, build a stable, reliable, and future-oriented industry digital network foundation, realize reliable, automated and intelligent production cyber resilience.


data application services

Toughness and Reliability

100% physical isolation, "zero" service interruption

0010 fusion load

Smooth Evolution

Multi-protocol compatibility, reducing investment by 30%

Deployment Automation

Optimal Experience

On-demand slice bandwidth adjustment, service lossless

Scenario-based Solution

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Industry Optical Transport Network

All-optical base for digital production networks.

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Industry IP Bearing Network

Build resilient and reliable on-demand networks for enterprises.

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Site Backhaul Network

Realize real-time, stable, and fully sensing industry sites.