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    Industry Optical Transport Network

    All-optical base for digital industry networks


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Industry Optical Transport Network

Industry digitalization, intelligence, and diversified services require industry WAN with high resilience, flexible networking, and smooth evolution. In addition, industry services are centralized, and the WAN bandwidth keeps increasing sharply, requiring large bandwidth. More than 100,000 SDH box devices are about to reach EOX and need to be smoothly migrated. Huawei's optical industry network solution uses the optical native hard pipe technology to build a stable, reliable, low-latency, large pipe, and easy-to-evolve industry network.


Mature and Stable

Stable and reliable

• Physical isolation, zero interference
• 1 ms deterministic low latency, zero service congestion
• Multi-path lossless protection, zero service interruption

Smooth Evolution

Smooth Evolution

• Compatible with PDH+SDH+OSU, smooth evolution, and future service development
• PCM/SDH/PKT/OTN 4-in-1 platform for multiple purposes, avoiding siloed networks and reducing TCO by 30%

0010 fusion load

Integrated Bearer

• MS-OTN architecture, multiple services in converged bearer
• 2M to 100G+ bandwidth, supporting stable service rollout and zero waiting time


Industry Optical Transport Network Solution Architecture

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