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Secure, Efficient, Green, and Sustainable Development

As the energy industry continues to transform, decarbonization, digitalization, and intelligence have become defining trends.

Indeed, given a range of unique market pressures — from the increased use of renewable energy and new power grid forms, to the integration of energy, information, and service flows; and challenges to electricity marketization and operations management — it's imperative that electric power companies continue to improve competitiveness. And this can only be achieved through digital transformation.

Huawei is committed to becoming the best transformation partner for the global electric power industry. Laying a digital platform and establishing an ecosystem of industry partners — a strategy coined as 'platform + ecosystem' — Huawei integrates innovative Information Communications Technology (ICT) and digital power platforms with best industry practices to provide three scenario-based solutions: Digital Grid, Digital Operations, and Digital Services. All three help electric power companies achieve secure, efficient, green, and sustainable development through transformation.


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