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High Bandwidth, Low Latency

Traditional campus networks are costly and difficult to manage, yet the digital era requires continuous network growth and expansion.

Huawei’s Passive Optical LAN (POL) solution — Huawei Campus OptiX — tackles these challenges head on. From enterprises to educational institutions, through power companies, to traffic management systems, hotels, and hospitals, Huawei Campus OptiX provides full-service transmission and long-distance passive transmission to reconstruct Local Area Networks (LANs). Fibers reach access points directly to reduce end cabling, offering high bandwidth and low latency. The hub-spoke architecture simplifies the network, improves Operations and Maintenance (O&M) efficiency, provides future-oriented evolution capabilities, and protects enterprise investment.

Campus OptiX Solution for Video Backhaul

The increasing demand for cities is boosting the development of video backhaul. The large number of High-definition (HD) cameras and intelligent analysis platforms are placing higher bandwidth demands on video bearer networks. Huawei’s Campus OptiX solution for video backhaul extends fibers closer to cameras and provides secure, stable, and reliable video data backhaul. It supports comprehensive video backhaul in public areas, campuses, and transportation.

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Campus OptiX Solution for Schools

Education is an international priority. Campus networks are moving towards intelligence, ubiquitous coverage, and sharing, while teaching is progressing from rote learning to interactive accessible activities such as Massive Open Online Course (MOOC). Campus networks need to cope with the surging traffic and O&M pressure of various teaching, scientific research, and management systems. Stadiums and canteens with a high density of people face unstable Wi-Fi access. Huawei's Campus OptiX solution provides a full-fiber LAN with gigabit ultra-wide access for various campus scenarios. In addition, the devices save footprint and power, making equipment rooms more compact and environment friendly.

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Campus OptiX Solution for Hotels

Hotels are an integral part of modern life. High-speed networks and smooth video streaming are crucial for hotel competitiveness. The Huawei Campus OptiX hotel infrastructure network solution extends fibers to rooms to meet network requirements, providing competitive differentiation for hotels and increasing the occupancy rate. Furthermore, one optical network bears all hotel services, such as video security, office networks, and the convergence of various intelligent systems. This reduces the cost of parallel network construction and subsequent management and O&M.

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Campus OptiX Solution for Airports

Airports are large campuses with scattered user access points. Services like HD video security demand higher bandwidth and reliability. Huawei's Campus OptiX solution for airports can provide reliable fiber video security backhaul networks and support service access for offices, Flight Information Display Systems (FIDSs), and commercial buildings, accelerating airport digital transformation.

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