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Pipeline Monitoring and Warning

Huawei-developed optical fiber vibration sensing devices  and Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based video  monitoring combine in the Pipeline Monitoring and Warning Solution  , which sounds the alarm when buried optical fibers running along oil and gas pipeline networks are interfered with . The solution detects, identifies, and locates a range of external vibrations, providing customers with an intelligent inspection solution that has an impressively high recognition rate.

Digital Pipeline Architecture

An overview diagram of Huawei's Pipeline Monitoring and Warning Solution, including its digital pipeline architecture


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Huawei's Sensing OptiX Solution for Pipelines — including the fiber optic sensing device OptiXsense EF3000 and an SAE — implements round-the-clock, high-precision, and automatic inspection and warning for pipelines. With a super blind spot error correction algorithm improving the signal collection rate to 99.9%, a unique vibration pattern identification engine pushes event identification accuracy to 97%.


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