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Facilitating Cloud Migration

With the development of business and the transformation of Information Technology (IT), one of the major challenges faced by enterprises in the process of cloud transformation is the deployment of new infrastructure.

Huawei delivers cloud designs based on comprehensive data — including a detailed understanding of unique customer business needs and legacy IT infrastructure — to ensure smooth, on-schedule implementation, with more than 1000 success cases in a wide variety of industries laying a solid foundation for project success.

The Cloud Design and Implementation Service provides hybrid cloud, Internet of Things (IoT), enterprise communications, and Intelligent Video System (IVS) platform design solutions featuring cloud-network convergence and cloud-data synergy. The Service meets government and enterprise customer requirements for cloud-based transformation, quickly building robust and efficient cloud platforms to facilitate cloud migration.


  • Cloud Infrastructure Design and Implementation Service

  • IoT Planning & Design and Implementation Service

  • Enterprise Cloud Communications Planning & Design and Implementation Service

  • IVS Planning & Design and Implementation Service

Huawei’s Cloud Infrastructure Design and Implementation Service helps customers build hybrid cloud platforms featuring cloud-network convergence. Huawei uses its in-depth understanding of customer requirements to help customers quickly build hybrid cloud platforms that provide a wealth of cloud service resources.

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Helping customers build Internet of Things (IoT) platforms where all things are connected, enabling city management and promoting industry development. By providing Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), and lowering the IoT development threshold, the Service facilitates business innovation and ecosystem development. Huawei works with partners to jointly develop and offer innovative solutions to customers based on its global OpenLabs, a strongly supportive ecosystem for partners that, in turn, extends the urban IoT ecosystem.

Offering telepresence systems and the CloudLink series of collaborative telepresence products, with consulting, design, deployment, testing, optimization, and other services supporting rapid deployment.

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Helping customers build intelligent video cloud platforms — enabling video management, parsing, and data retrieval — with optimal, logical, systematic camera placement. The Service offers a unified and diverse video cloud ecosystem, facilitating the development of competitive industry solutions and enabling quick service rollout.


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