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Industry Cloud Enablement Service Implements Complete, Secure, and Efficient Cloud Transformation

With the dawning of Cloud Computing 2.0, cloud has become one of the core technologies that enable digital transformation and drive innovation. Cloud computing now focuses on how to create greater value instead of cost reduction. However, cloud migration of businesses cannot be accomplished overnight. Cloud transformation is destined to come across many challenges. How can the smooth migration of data and applications to the cloud be ensured? How can service performance, security, and SLAs on the cloud be guaranteed? How can information silos be avoided and mine data be collected, extracted, and analyzed effectively?

To help industry customers address the many challenges they face as they advance their in-depth cloud transformation, Huawei offers a portfolio of enablement services that cover the entire life cycle of industry cloud.
 Evaluation phase: Huawei, through extensive information collection, models, and analysis, gauges legacy applications’ resource needs and produces cloud migration feasibility reports with accuracy, to help enterprises choose the optimal cloud architectures and optimize resource allocation.
• Cloud migration phase: Huawei provides tailored migration plan, design, and implementation services to help customers meet requirements on data integrity, zero downtime, data privacy, and security.
• O&M phase: Huawei provides cloud professional services that include cloud-based disaster recovery and backup, security, and management.

Huawei provides cloud transformation services for 1,000+ customers worldwide across diverse sectors that include finance, government, and manufacturing through the leverage of cloud-based tools and platforms, mirrored verification labs, and industry-standard service models. These services help customers reduce time to market, boost IT resource utilization by up to 50 percent, and reduce TCO by maximum of 40 percent.


  • Cloud Planning, Design, and Implementation Service

  • Cloud Migration and Operation Support Service

  • Big Data Enablement Service

Expert and comprehensive network planning and design services help build, modernize, and scale ICT architecture quickly, effortlessly, and cost-efficiently.
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The Cloud Migration and Operation Support Service consists of cloud migration, cloud DR & backup, cloud security, cloud operation support, and application cloud enablement services. It helps customers smoothly migrate services to the cloud. This service ensures safe and smooth business operations of customers, and supports customers to fully utilize clouds.
Huawei big data enablement service, data platform architecture, data service development designer, and data system governance.

Service Product

The IT planning, design, and implementation service is based on customers' requirements on different scenarios of storage, computing, intelligent vision, and intelligent collaboration. For IT software/hardware and IT scenarios, such as centralized storage, distributed storage, video cloud, holographic intersection, intelligent collaboration, cluster computing, AI development, and high-performance computing, Huawei provides services that cover the entire delivery process, including planning and design, hardware installation, system deployment and commissioning, and acceptance testing. Huawei also provides design solutions that meet customers' service requirements, helping them quickly install and deploy IT software and hardware with high quality.

Customer benefits:

• Huawei offers professional and standardized planning, design, and implementation processes, as well as a wide range of powerful planning, design, and deployment tools that help apply best practices to other cases. • Huawei provides a high-performance storage environment that meets customer service requirements to adapt to growing data and changing business requirements.
• Based on customer requirements and service characteristics, Huawei conducts in-depth research on the system environment and customizes delivery solutions for customers to satisfy service requirements.

Huawei provides enterprises with detailed cloud infrastructure planning, design, and implementation solutions, and helps enterprises quickly build cloud platforms with high quality.

Customer benefits:

• Reduced TCO: Resource utilization is improved, and unified resource management and unified platform operation are implemented.
• Reduced manpower: The cloud service team with a wealth of experience and high-quality delivery management methodologies is conducive to cloud data center construction and subsequent support.
• Improved service rollout efficiency: Cloud services can be provisioned in minutes, shortening the total service rollout time from days to hours.
• Reduced O&M costs: The unified O&M platform simplifies O&M, improving efficiency.

Huawei is dedicated to providing global customers with multi-scenario migration services, including storage data migration and IT infrastructure replacement, large-scale data center consolidation and migration, application service migration to the cloud, and inter-cloud migration.

Huawei has developed multiple industry-leading migration tools and solutions to implement highly reliable, non-disruptive, and automatic, smooth and efficient migration in multiple scenarios. With 21 migration competence centers around the world, 100+ migration service experts, 1200+ certified IT service engineers, and 2000+ successful delivery cases in migration projects in the industry, Huawei ensures optimal customer experience. The migration service complies with Huawei's standard migration delivery process to ensure delivery security and consistency.

Customer benefits:

• Huawei customizes the most suitable migration solution for the customer to provide optimal data security and business continuity, implement efficient and smooth data and service migration, and reduce risks and implementation costs.
• Huawei's powerful service support platform provides 24/7 global response, offering quick technical support for migration projects and ensuring fast service rollout for customers.

The DR and backup service complies with national laws and regulations and focuses on the full-lifecycle protection of customer service data by referring to business continuity construction theories and industry standards. Huawei is dedicated to providing professional DR construction requirement analysis, construction strategy and route planning, overall technical architecture design, recovery plan construction, and DR drill solution formulation and optimization, and provides full-lifecycle protection for hot, warm, and cold service data to improve data protection capabilities and DR management capabilities, ultimately helping customers improve business continuity and meet regulatory compliance requirements.

Customer benefits:

• Have an all-around understanding of the business continuity status, identify gaps with industry standards and regulatory requirements, and formulate specific policies accordingly.
• Develop a continuity construction solution that suits the current situation and future business development to effectively protect investments.
• Full-lifecycle data protection and business continuity construction effectively ensure business continuity and satisfy regulatory requirements.

Service description: The data enablement service provides professional services covering the entire process from planning, implementation, O&M, and operations. Based on Huawei cloud computing and big data products, the service content ranges from basic cloud and big data platform services to professional services such as sharing and exchange, data integration, data governance, and development support.

Customer benefits:

• From enabling platform construction to enabling data value, data enablement service helps government and enterprise customers obtain and use data more easily.

Service description: Based on customers' requirements for application migration to the cloud, application enablement service provides planning, design, enablement, support, and technical integration services in relation to microservices, containers, DevOps, blockchain, and IoT.This helps customers transform traditional applications into cloud-native applications, control the quality and progress of application development, and support the design and implementation of application migration to the cloud.

Customer benefits:

• Huawei helps customers implement service integration, streamline service breakpoints, and avoid service process disconnection.
• Huawei helps customers implement shared services and reduce repeated construction and investment.
• Huawei helps customers visualize application development and change the vendor development mode from black-box to white-box.

Today, cloud computing faces growing security threats and challenges which are beyond the capability of traditional security systems. With super large systems comes an unprecedentedly high concentration of data, which multiplies data security risks and the risk of noncompliance with security regulations. Huawei, in collaboration with industry-leading providers of security products and services, provides security consulting, security integration, and secure operation support services oriented to cloud data centers. The services aim to build a multi-dimensional security protection system for customers, helping them cope with increasingly severe security challenges and threats, comply with national and regional security regulations and standards, and ensure the security and reliability of services and data on the cloud.

Customer benefits:

• Huawei helps customers analyze technology development trends, respond to compliance requirements, and build advanced and forward-looking technology blueprints and reasonable construction roadmaps by gaining comprehensive insights into current security risks and requirements.
• Huawei helps customers quickly build cloud security protection capabilities, implement on-demand use, fast deployment, and elastic scaling, and ensure secure and reliable running of cloud services with standard security integration services.
• Huawei helps customers effectively improve the security monitoring, protection, and response capabilities of cloud computing, ensure secure operations, and effectively respond to various security threats and events.




• 提升业务上云速度:帮助客户梳理上云流程和上云要求,使云平台管理方和业务系统方协作顺畅平滑

• 提升业务上云质量:分析业务系统特点和使用场景,科学设计上云部署架构,合理配置各云服务,增强现有应用云上健壮性(连续性、扩展性、安全性),加快企业数字化转型进度

• 提升资源利用效率:通过前期合理规划资源和云服务,在日常运营阶段监控和分析资源使用情况,不断优化资源利用率,降低运作成本

• 提升组织云技术能力:帮助企业IT技术人员提升云平台和服务的规划配置能力,以及基于云平台的云运营管理能力




• 加速国产化进程:结合当前软件栈给出合理移植方案,全流程的移植支持服务加速客户业务国产化转型进程

• 提升移植效率:经验丰富的专家团队结合专业的移植工具套件,减少重编译定位试错成本,提升移植改造效率和准确性

• 提高业务性能:全栈调优技术手段问诊把脉,快速定位性能瓶颈并给出调优建议,确保迁移后业务性能不受影响,提升客户满意度


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