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    DME IQ Intelligent Cloud
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DME IQ Intelligent Cloud O&M Platform

DME IQ is an intelligent O&M platform on the cloud that leverages technologies like big data analytics and AI to deliver smart, streamlined management of Huawei storage devices. It ensures the stability of services and boosts O&M efficiency for customers through a dedicated mobile app and intelligent capabilities. As a one-stop tool platform, it also improves delivery, O&M capabilities, and installed base operations for Huawei's partners, monitoring their customers' device risks in time.

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Mobile App

Always Accessible O&M Features

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365 Days

Capacity Bottleneck Prediction in Advance

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Huawei Support

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Device Delivery and Rollout

Four Benefits of Huawei DME IQ

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Device Information and Health Status at Your Fingertips

• Check on alarms, performance, capacity, and risk prediction through the mobile app.

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Prevention and Prediction: Detect and Eliminate Risks

• Overall review of device health status ensures high system availability.

• 14-day disk fault prediction, 60-day performance trend prediction, and 365-day capacity trend prediction.

Minute-Level Response with 24/7 Support

Minute-Level Response with 24/7 Support

• Call home proactive O&M that detects device faults in 10 minutes, improving response efficiency by over 90% with real-time progress monitoring of tickets (Huawei warranty services required).

• An intelligent chatbot for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding operations and spare parts.

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Slash Delivery Costs and Boost O&M Efficiency

• Automatic solution and configuration recommendation on the cloud for improved delivery, plus minute-level site deployment by scanning a QR code through the mobile app.

• Remote inspection, fault diagnosis, and software upgrades for higher efficiency without the need for physical site visits.