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iMaster NCE-IP

Huawei iMaster NCE-IP is the industry's first platform for network automation and intelligence, integrating management, control, analysis, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) functions. As such, it effectively connects physical networks with business intentions.

In the northbound direction, NCE-IP implements centralized management, control, and analysis of global networks, enabling cloud-based resources, lifecycle network automation, and intelligent, closed-loop operations, all driven by data analytics for commercial and service intentions.

In the southbound direction, NCE-IP provides open network Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for rapid integration with Information Technology (IT) systems. It accelerates service transformation and innovation for enterprises by improving the simplicity, intelligence, openness, and security of networks.



Items Features
Basic IP Network Management Plug-and-play, inventory management
Topology management, network performance management
Alarm management, NE software management
NE security management, basic network configuration
Change audit, basic fault locating
BRAS CP and UP separation, southbound interfaces and protocols
IP Network Service Management IP service provisioning, 360° IP service view
Service resource pool management, service template management
VPN service topology
VPN service path and status
Link, tunnel, VPN connectivity checking
IP Network Service Control Tunnel creation based on route constraints, service BOD
Tunnel provisioning, tunnel policy control
IP Network Optimization MPLS network optimization:
Global path computation and optimization, single service path optimization for MPLS tunnels
Innovative ROAM algorithm for accurate path computation based on latency, bandwidth, and more
Basic IP Network Analysis Collects quality data of network-wide traffic. After intelligent big data analytics,
displays device and network status through overviews, topologies, maps, and reports
Intelligent IP Network Analysis Fault detection, RCA, exception detection, mass fault analysis
IP Northbound Capability Openness Service provisioning API
Inventory management API
Alarm management API
Performance management API
Network optimization API
Tunnel Optimization Capacity 64K
Single Re-Optimization Time 2 minutes (500 devices and 32K TE LSPs)
RSVP-TE Tunnel Optimization Capacity 64K
High Availability Clustering and geographic redundancy
Service data consistency checking


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