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IDC Insight and Huawei Brand-new Campus Switches

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Current trends in digital campus services include all-wireless access, cloud-based applications, and intelligent networks, placing demanding requirements on campus networks.

However, in reality you may already find that...Your critical, decisive messages are delayed due to network latency.Your network operation and maintenance (O&M) still depends on experience-based manual management.

Not to mention...

You are unable to identify risks before massive faults occur, leading to frequent network faults and customer complaints.

This is the era of Wi-Fi 6. With numerous campus network solutions and products on offer to help enterprises solve these issues, how do you know what your enterprise needs? Moreover, what does International Data Corporation (IDC) have to say about campus network development?

To find the answers you need, download Networking Development Trends in Digital Transformation by IDC and Huawei's CloudEngine S-Series Switches and Solution Launch.

You will be sure to find something you want. 

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