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S6720-LI Series Switches

Huawei S6720-LI series are next-generation simplified all-10 GE fixed switches and can be used for 10 GE access on campus and data center networks.



Product model S6720-16X-LI-16S-AC
Switching Capacity 1.28 Tbit/s 1.28 Tbit/s 1.28 Tbit/s
Forwarding Performance 240 Mpps 240 Mpps 240 Mpps
Fixed Ports 16 x 10 GE SFP+ ports 24 x 10 GE SFP+ ports
2 x 40 GE QSFP+ ports
32 x 10 GE SFP+ ports
MAC Address Table 32K MAC address entries
MAC address learning and aging
Static, dynamic, and black hole MAC address entries
Packet filtering based on source MAC addresses
VLAN Features 4,094 VLANs
Guest VLAN and voice VLAN
VLAN assignment based on MAC addresses, protocols, IP subnets, policies, and ports
VLAN mapping
Basic QinQ and selective QinQ
IPv4 Routing Static routing, RIP, and OSPF
Policy-based routing
Routing policies
Interoperability VLAN-Based Spanning Tree (VBST) (interoperating with PVST, PVST+, and RPVST)
Link-type Negotiation Protocol (LNP) (similar to DTP)
VLAN Central Management Protocol (VCMP) (similar to VTP)

For detailed interoperability certifications and test reports, click HERE.

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