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Системи захисту від DDoS-атак із серії AntiDDoS1000

The Huawei AntiDDoS1600 DDoS protection system utilizes Big Data analytics technology and supports modeling for 60+ types of network traffic to offer second-level attack response and comprehensive defense against 100+ types of attacks. The AntiDDoS1600 can be deployed on a user network using in-line mode to defend against volumetric and application attacks in real time.

When attack traffic exceeds the bandwidth or defense capability of a local scrubbing device, the AntiDDoS1600 associates with the AntiDDoS device of the upstream carrier or ISP to defend against flood attacks and guarantee service continuity.

Listen to Our Customers

  • 0102

    Serverius Data Centers Get Huawei AntiDDoS

    Huawei enables Netherlands Serverius data centers to protect customers against DDoS attacks.

  • 0202

    Huawei Anti-DDoS Aids Tencent’s Online Growth

    Huawei Anti-DDoS Solution protects Tencent’s valuable online services (e.g., WeChat) and lowers TCO.



Model AntiDDoS1650 AntiDDoS1680
Throughput Up to 5 Gbit/s Up to 8 Gbit/s
Mitigation Rate Up to 3 Mpps Up to 7 Mpps
Latency 80 μs 80 μs
Standard Interfaces 8 x GE (RJ45) + 4 x GE (SFP) 16 x GE (RJ45) + 8 x GE (SFP) + 4 x 10 GE (SFP)
Expansion Slots 2 x WSIC 5 x WSIC
Expansion Interfaces 8 x GE (RJ45); 8 x GE (RJ45) + 2 x 10 GE (SFP+); 8 x GE (SFP); and 4 x GE (RJ45) bypass card
Deployment Modes In-line; Out-of-path (static defense); Out-of-patch (dynamic defense)
Function Options for detecting or cleaning
DDoS Defense Specifications
  • Defense against protocol abuse attacks
    Defense against Land, Fraggle, Smurf, WinNuke, Ping of Death, Teardrop, and TCP error flag attacks

  • Web application protection
    Defense against HTTP GET flood, HTTP POST flood, HTTP slow header, HTTP slow post, HTTPS flood, SSL DoS/DDoS, WordPress reflection amplification, RUDY, and LOIC attacks; packet validity check.

  • Defense against scanning and sniffing attacks
    Defense against address and port scanning attacks, and attacks using Tracert packets and IP options, such as IP source route, timestamp, and record route

  • DNS application protection
    Defense against DNS query flood, DNS reply flood, and DNS cache poisoning attacks; source limit

  • Defense against network-type attacks
    Defense against SYN flood, SYN-ACK flood, ACK flood, FIN flood, RST flood, TCP fragment flood, UDP flood, UDP fragment flood, IP flood, ICMP flood, TCP connection flood, sockstress, TCP retransmission, and TCP empty connection attacks

  • SIP application protection
    Defense against SIP flood/SIP methods flood attacks, including Register, Deregistration, Authentication, and Call flood attacks; source limit

  • Defense against UDP-based reflection amplification attacks
    Defense against NTP, DNS, SSDP, Chargen, TFTP, SNMP, NetBIOS, QOTD, Quake Network Protocol, Portmapper, RIPv1, and Steam Protocol reflection amplification attacks

  • Filter
  • IP, TCP, UDP, ICMP, DNS, SIP, and HTTP packet filters

  • Location-based filtering
  • Traffic block or limit based on the source IP address location

  • Attack signature database
    RUDY, slowhttptest, slowloris, LOIC, AnonCannon, RefRef, ApacheKill, and ApacheBench attack signature databases; automatic weekly update of these signature databases

  • IP reputation
    Tracking of most active 5 million zombies and automatic daily update of the IP reputation database to rapidly block attacks; local access IP reputation learning to create dynamic IP reputation based on local service sessions, rapidly forward service access traffic, and enhance user experiences


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