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Wi-Fi 6 Industry White Paper

Wi-Fi 6

All industries related to Wi-Fi 6 are embracing this new technology. 2019 will be the year of large-scale commercial use of Wi-Fi 6.

Huawei has released the Wi-Fi industry white paper: Unleashing the Power of Wi-Fi, Enterprise-Grade Wi-Fi 6 Forecast 2019–2023. Based on the actual application scenarios of customers, the white paper comprehensively analyzes the readiness of the Wi-Fi 6 industry chain. The white paper states that any digital enterprise will need to leverage Wi-Fi 6 technology to build a high-quality network with high bandwidth, low latency, and high reliability — all while ensuring it remains maintenance-free.

This white paper also offers an objective assessment of Wi-Fi 6’s development for the next three to five years, from the perspectives of industries, markets, standards, and networks. It provides a through analysis of the digital services in enterprises that require Wi-Fi 6 and offers a clear description of a high-quality Wi-Fi network’s distinctive characteristics.

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