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    Decisions and Operations

    Reshape the value of data through innovation.


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Power Digital Finance with Data and AI

Extract the maximum value from the data you generate by using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to derive the actionable insights that fuel better-informed decision making, power service innovation, and accelerate digital transformation.

  • Unshackle Data Sharing

    Data will lie behind 80% of all future business: how can services evolve if data silos persist?
  • Supercharge Data Support

    Some decisions need to be made instantaneously. For that to happen, real-time data is a prerequisite — period.
  • Exponential Data Growth

    Over the next two years, data volumes will double. The time to build the infrastructure that can access and process such data is now.


The Huawei Financial Data Intelligence Solution builds intelligent decision-making and operational systems driven by data. Its integrated foundation and two workflows enable three scenario-specific solutions, maximize data value, and drive business growth.

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Integrated Data and AI Foundation

Converged architecture integrates the cloud, data, AI, and computing in a single robust foundation. This eliminates the need to migrate data during processing, summary, or analysis, resulting in much higher processing efficiency. Kunpeng multi-core Central Processing Units (CPUs) and optimized CPU instructions further enhance data processing performance.

Data and AI Workflows

• Centrally govern data with a new data workflow, increasing efficiency during internal data transfer, analysis, and processing.

• Develop new models in weeks, instead of months, using atomic AI orchestration capability. Huawei's AI workflow is outfitted with a preset financial Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Pangu Computer Vision (CV) model, ready for development.

Scenario-Specific Solutions

• Digital marketing: Intelligent models create comprehensive, highly precise customer profiles, significantly increasing conversion rates. With traditional static rules no longer relevant, use real-time data and intelligent models to switch on digital marketing, instead.

• Digital risk control: The solution transfers internal and external data in real time and creates a risk overview. Use the Graph Engine Service (GES) to search relationships in seconds, enabling comprehensive, fast, and accurate risk control.

• Digital operations: Improve operational efficiency across services using Huawei's financial OCR big model. Automatically identify handwritten receipts, review contracts, and much more, powered by technologies such as high-precision text detection and multi-modal table restoration.



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Data-Intelligence Integrated Platform

Centrally manage data, increase processing efficiency, improve data quality, and ultimately maximize the value of data.

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Digital Risk Control Solution

Build an adaptive, quantifiable, and intelligent anti-fraud system using technologies such as data analysis, Machine Learning (ML), and knowledge graphs.

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