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Improve Teaching and Management with a
Converged Campus Network

With technologies such as cloud computing, the Internet of Things (IoT), big data, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) deployed on campuses worldwide, intelligent education is set to thrive. Universities and other higher education institutions know that they must grasp the opportunity at hand, but providing a smart campus network that can support such cutting-edge Information and Communications Technology (ICT) — all the while being simple, flexible, and easy-to-manage — is no easy task.

Huawei's Converged Campus Network Solution provides a series of campus switches and all-scenario AirEngine Wi-Fi 6, and iMaster Network Cloud Engine (NCE) products to implement refined management based on user identities and wireless coverage, all under a Software-defined Networking (SDN) model using Virtual Extensible Local Area Network (VXLAN) technology. Multiple service bearer networks, such as teaching, research, and IoT networks, are integrated to build a unified network across university campuses. The solution constructs passive optical fiber infrastructure to provide high bandwidth Gigabit to student accommodation and 10 Gbps to classrooms, serving all scenarios and learning scenarios on campus.

A Huawei Converged Campus Network realizes in-depth convergence of wired and wireless networks as well as IP + optical networks, provides AI-based proactive network Operations and Maintenance (O&M), and offers a simple, flexible, and easy-to-manage high-performance network for universities.

Gain the Edge

Compatible HFC Live Network

Full Wi-Fi 6 Coverage

AirEngine Wi-Fi 6 Access Points (APs) provide full coverage service indoors and outdoors. Teachers and students can access the network for learning and communication anytime and anywhere in classrooms, libraries, playgrounds, and dormitories. Huawei's exclusive smart antenna and audio and video quality assurance capabilities support uninterrupted remote and mobile teaching applications.

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Multi-Network Convergence

SDN and VXLAN technologies converge teaching, research, and IoT networks. With wired and wireless convergence simplifying network configuration, sophisticated user policy based management allows for a reasonable allocation of network resources.

Converged Transmission

Full-Fiber Bearers

With 100M provided to users, 1000M to dormitories, through both wired and wireless access, and 10Gbps to classrooms, a Passive Optical Network (PON) is deployed on every floor of buildings, without on-site splicing hassles. The solution provides a centralized management platform with fiber fault diagnosis and user experience monitoring tools.

Smart Operations

Intelligent O&M

The solution proactively identifies 85% of network issues, finding faults in minutes before identifying them and suggesting rectification measures. Efficiency only improves over time with fault prediction that's refined based on history.


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CloudCampus 3.0

Designed for fully wireless, intelligent campus networks in the cloud era.

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AirEngine Wi-Fi 6

The industry's first 100 Mbit/s everywhere fully wireless campus, setting a new benchmark for Wi-Fi networks.

campus network higher education products switch

CloudEngine Series Switches

Ethernet switches that are widely used in diverse applications and in different network sizes, in both data centers and high-end campus networks, featuring network scaling, automation, programmability, and real-time visibility.

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iMaster NCE-Campus

iMaster NCE-Campus — Huawei's next-generation autonomous driving network management and control system for campus networks — integrates management, control, analysis, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) functions, providing full-lifecycle automation of campus networks, achieving automated and intelligent network management.

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Huawei FTTO Solution

Providing passive, ultra-reliable optical Local Area Networks (LANs) for campuses, with a smaller physical footprint and greater energy efficiency.

campus network higher education product access

Optical Access

A full-service distributed Optical Line Terminal (OLT), building green, ultra-broadband, and intelligent aggregation access networks.

campus network higher education product terminal

Optical Terminal

Extending optical connectivity to every classroom, dormitory, and campus.

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