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Light up the future of your business with digitalization

kevin cheng

Mr. Kevin Cheng

2022-01-21 52
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The world is waiting, with both optimism and caution, to see what coming year will bring. On top of everyone’s wish list are vaccines that could help us “go back to normal,” and recovery for individuals and businesses strongly impacted by the pandemic. It will certainly take a long time to recover, but during this pandemic, the world has come to understand better the role of digital technology, because it has become more reliant on it. More and more people have learned to work remotely and to rely on online platforms to continue with their daily activities in the new normal. Digital innovations such as 5G, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cloud have been transforming our lives in ways that were not imaginable just 5 years ago.

Fortunately, Thailand has begun to recognize the importance of digital transformation by setting up the Thailand 4.0 policy for more than 5 years ago, with its not-so-long experience, Thailand has reached to a certain level of success in developing the digital transformation process within the country. The Thailand Digital Transformation Survey Report 2020 by Deloitte found that most Thai businesses especially in Technology, Media and Telecommunication and Financial services know digital disruption is happening.

However, the change happened sooner than expected. Apart from the pandemic, there are still other challenges that we cannot predict, so right now, it’s perfect time for Thai companies should speed up their digital transformation readiness to deal with major to transformative digital disruption impact.

 The trusted partner in the times of need

The Thailand economy is on its way to recovery, underpinned by the acceleration of digital transformation. As local industries begin their journey, Huawei is committed to becoming a preferred partner.

According to IDC Thailand's ICT Industry Predictions, By 2023, the rise in cyber threats and needed new functionality will have driven 40% of Thailand's enterprises to modernize their legacy systems with new technology/platform investments.

Gartner also predicts, reported by Bangkok Post Newspaper, The pandemic resulted in a contraction of almost 5% in Thailand's IT spending in 2020, but it is forecast to bounce back to a 5% growth in 2021, propelled by people working from home and studying online.

There is clear evidence that even we are facing a negative situation, but there's still a chance to grow. With Leading ICT technologies, enterprises can not only maintain and even increase productivity, but also expand their existing businesses into new markets and opportunities.

According to Huawei's Global Connectivity Index 2020, digital infrastructure — including ultra-broadband, cloud services, and the Internet of Things (IoT) — allows people and enterprises to adapt more readily to remote work and distance learning. Countries with well-developed ICT infrastructure are better positioned to embrace the new normal and leverage their digital foothold to promote economic recovery and a more resilient digital future.

High-speed connectivity is enabling reliable teleworking and education. More than 100 million primary and secondary school students worldwide benefited from online education in 2020, according to the Boston Consulting Group (BCG).

Your success is our business goal

Huawei has been present and active in Thailand for more than 22 years, helping lay the foundations for ambitious plans to make the country the region’s digital hub. It has been making long-term intense investments and facilitating industry development. This is the reason why we set up Enterprise Business Group, one of four business unit, which helps to empower businesses and organizations through integrated ICT solutions.

Developing Innovative Scenario-Specific Solutions to Help Customers Succeed

We, as Huawei's Enterprise business team, puts customers at the center of everything they do. Together, with industry partners, we apply innovative ICT to satisfy customer needs in key business scenarios. We also follow our company strategy to provide scenario-specific solutions to help a range of industry customers in Thailand accelerate digital transformation and cope with the challenges brought by the new environment.

For government customers, Huawei commit to supporting Thailand’s digital ecosystem. we have worked with partners to provide e-government cloud, smart government, and other solutions and services powered by wireless solution and intelligent network technologies. We help customers build service-oriented digital systems, and enhance the digital ecosystem for innovative services.

In the financial industry, we have offered best in class storage solution and worked with domestic and international partners to accelerate the intelligent upgrade of financial institutions. Specifically in our region including Thailand, Huawei Enterprise focus on six scenario-specific solutions: financial cloud, digital banking, data center construction, data center integration, financial services, and smart bank branches. Recently, Huawei just have MoU Signing Ceremony with Kasikorn Business-Technology Group (KBTG), technology group under Kasikornbank Public Company Limited (KBank), to support their digital transformation mission and accelerate KBank’s business innovation.

In the energy industry, Huawei has worked with its partners to develop intelligent power plants, smart grids, intelligent oil and gas fields, and many other scenario-specific solutions, including The Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA), Thailand’s largest electric power company, to transforms their services with advanced ICT. These efforts are helping the energy sector transform toward green, low-carbon, secure, and efficient development. We have also helped a number of electric power companies in Thailand build next generation power communications networks, providing customers with secure, reliable, compatible, cost-effective, and efficient, modern smart grid systems with simplified Operations and Maintenance (O&M).

In the transportation industry, we support Digital Transformed in the Transportation industry across all key domain. By developed a set of comprehensive solutions, including smart airport, smart urban rail, smart highways and smart railways. Our solutions cover all major forms of transportation, elevating the safety, security, efficiency, and experience of the transportation industry to a whole new level.

In the education industry, we have provided a number of joint solutions — such as smart campus, smart classroom, and online education solutions — for educational institutions and universities across country, including Top rank universities in Thailand, Chiang Mai University, King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi, King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang and Srinakharinwirot University. These solutions have ensured that learning never ceases, even during the pandemic.

In the Large Enterprise industry, We've trust from global companies chosen us as their digital transformation partner, including large enterprise in Thailand, we collaborated with many private companies, such as real estate company MQDC (Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited), under its parent group DTGO, to provide the World’s first town designed for healthier and happier living at The Forestias with Intelligent Campus Solution., while its Passive Optical LAN (POL) and Wi-Fi 6 solution to ensure high-speed connectivity in all public areas at The PARQ, a grade A office building in Thailand.

And in the Internet industry, Huawei has provided its customers with Internet connectivity, data center infrastructure, and HUAWEI CLOUD solutions, helping them address the challenges brought by surging network traffic and higher demands for computing power during the COVID-19 pandemic. Huawei's efforts have also helped the Internet industry go optical and intelligent.

Our products and solutions — such as intelligent Internet Protocol (IP) networks, intelligent OptiX networks, computing, data centers, data storage, and digital power — have become increasingly competitive within the market. By combining a number of our cutting-edge products, we are working to meet customers' diverse needs, drive enterprise transformation and upgrade, and create new value for industries.

For Huawei, Thailand is one of the top countries in the region with an incredibly robust and dynamic economy. Accelerating the digital economy has, by and large, become a consensus among all sector in the country. We will work with partners to better understand the business needs of the country's industry customers, integrate innovative ICT with their business strategies, and help these customers cope with the challenges of digital transformation. Together, we will create new value for diverse industries, and light up the future with digitalization.

"We have seen an accelerated interest in digital transformation in the varieties industry to cope with the new challenge, but in the meantime, it's an occasional to all of us for create new value, with open strategy and innovative technology, Huawei is looking forward to working together with all industry to make the next decade a tremendous success.”


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