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    Walailak University Medical Center Builds Broadband Network Fortress with Huawei Intelligent Campus Solution

A Smart Medical Center in Thailand’s Nakhon Si Thammarat

Located in Southern Thailand, Walailak University Hospital is a teaching hospital under the university’s School of Medicine. Since its opening to the public in 2017, the hospital aims to provide quality medical and public health services to people in the historic city of Nakhon Si Thammarat and its neighboring provinces. As a teaching hospital, it also offers comprehensive medical education and extensive training to future and current health professionals while promoting academic research and seeking new ways to develop innovative services for its patients and staff.

With its goal to become the largest smart hospital in the south, it has been integrating technology and innovations into its healthcare and internal operations, to provide better healthcare for surrounding communities.

An Urgent Need for Strong Network Infrastructure

In 2018, the hospital initiated expansion plans to build new facilities and set up specialized medical units to treat more patients and meet the higher demand for high-quality health services. Upon completion, the new Walailak University Medical Center will consist of several patient buildings and medical units.

With a smart hospital concept in mind, WU Hospital realized the importance of laying a strong network infrastructure at the early stage to support high-speed communications and advanced ICT applications such as telemedicine and the Internet of Things (IoT). The hospital was looking for a comprehensive IT solution that could ensure smooth and secure connectivity and data storage. Moreover, with a limited number of on-site IT personnel, the proposed solution had to provide centralized and simplified control for both management and maintenance.

Huawei Network Campus Solution: Intelligent, Fast and Secure Connectivity

Reviewing WU Hospital’s requirements to support smart services, Huawei proposed its Campus Network Solution that comes with 4 unique technologies:

  • Ultra-broadband: Huawei’s ultra-fast wireless network offers an end-to-end lightning data speed of 100Gbps per building. Each Access Point can be easily controlled through its core backbone. The wireless network is also compatible with future smart applications.
  • iMaster NCE-campus: Huawei's autonomous network management and control system for campus network integrate management, control, analysis, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) functions, providing full-lifecycle automation of management. This makes IT system monitoring and maintenance faster and easier.
  • Huawei’s USG6000E Series Firewall and VPN Gateway: To protect data privacy and confidential information, Huawei proposed its cyber security solution with a 100Gbps firewall integrated with SDN to create user policies when connected to the smart hospital network, for double-layer protection for its data center.
  • Huawei iMaster NCE-CampusInsight: Huawei’s unique network intelligent analysis platform proactively identifies potential errors and analyzes root causes of network issues. The platform also automatically optimizes wireless networks with Huawei’s AI and Big Data analysis.

Expansion-ready Infrastructure towards a Smart and Innovative Medical Center

Fully implemented at WU’s new medical center launched in November 2021, Huawei Campus Network Solution has helped the hospital create a centralized, easy-to-use infrastructure control and maintenance system. This significantly reduced on-site monitoring, saving IT operation time and costs. Equipped with the world’s latest technologies, the all-in-one network solution also laid a strong IT foundation for sustainable, smart expansion.