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    Symphony Enhances its Core Network System with Huawei SDN MPLS Core Backbone to deliver the best ever network performance for its customers’ Excellent Experience.

Trusted network for reliability with fully meshed core diversely routed connection to meet the need of all businesses.

Symphony Communication Public Company Limited is one of Thailand’s leading telecommunication network providers, it has committed to continually providing highest quality of service standard for both domestic and international customers plus value-added services to meet the fast-growing demand for digital connectivity and transformation in Thailand and ASEAN.

Over the past two decades, the company has been improving and focusing on building a sustainable telecommunications platform and maintaining long-term competitiveness by optimizing network capacity to meet customers’ expectation and beyond.

Under its mission to become the region’s “Best Trusted Network”, Symphony places great importance and effort on superior quality products and services, ensuring maximum network performance and uptime for its customers and business partners to get the “Excellent Experience” upon embarking the Journey as well as the proactive support and consultation from a highly-skilled engineering team with fast service delivery, state-of-the-art network monitoring, and preventive maintenance that promises peace of mind to keep all businesses running smoothly.

The best high-performance telecom infrastructure which is built for digital transformation and growth-oriented enterprises.

Recently, the telecommunications industry has widely seen an exponential growth, due to the ever-rising demand for digital transformation from all businesses needing to get faster speed, higher bandwidth and more network stability. These are the major drivers for Symphony to make a quick move in one step ahead to deliver high-performance network for better user’s experience with superior reliability.

Symphony’s legacy network was previously on a traditional system in which each service had separately control system, which consuming time for maintenance and making complicated management. Then it is time to enhance its network ecosystem and strengthen its core network backbone to deliver next generation intelligent connectivity for better network stability and resiliency as well as to support faster speed and higher bandwidth demand with low latency while it guarantees timely and accurate fault detection, enabling centralized maintenance and service operations.

Huawei comes up with latest Solution: SDN MPLS Backbone

Upon analyzing Symphony’s requirements for a highly efficient network infrastructure, Huawei proposed its SDN MPLS (Software-Defined Network Multiprotocol Label Switching Multiprotocol Label Switching) Backbone. The SDN MPLS is an advanced network technology that allows ultra-fast and high-performance data switching. The single domain MPLS solution can support seamless End-to-End service deployment. Moreover, with Huawei’s iMaster NCE-IP, a unique platform for network automation, integrated management and analysis, as well as Artificial Intelligence-powered functions, the network system allows high-speed cloud- based interconnection, resulting in faster and more accurate core operations, including fault identification and system maintenance.

Sky’s the limit with a future-ready network infrastructure

Following the implementation of Huawei’s SDN MPLS backbone, Symphony’s newest network backbone can now deliver data at the speed of up to 100Gbps. With ultra-fast connection which makes day-to-day operations become smoother and time to market shorter. Equipped with the industry’s latest technology, the highly reliable infrastructure boasts simple yet centralized management. This significantly reduced operations and maintenance costs for Symphony. The flexible system also ensures Symphony has the capacity to implement state-of-the-art products and services and new technologies or smart applications such as automation and the Internet of Things (IoT) to support its future growth and to achieve its “Excellent Experience” vision.

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