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    SVOA Fulfills Customers’ IT Needs with Huawei’s Full Support

39 Years of Offering Comprehensive IT Solutions

Founded in 1982, SVOA Public Company Limited is among Thailand’s first IT equipment and solution providers. The company is regarded as one of the local pioneers in offering IT products of the world’s leading brands to both public and private organizations. SVOA’s customers span across sectors including government, education, insurance, large enterprises, SMEs, and individuals. A long-time expert in the field, SVOA has more than 800 employees working closely with over 200 trusted partners and 2,000 authorized dealers nationwide to deliver the most suitable IT solutions to its customers.

With its mission to bring technology to more people for a better-connected society and contribute to Thailand’s digital transformation, the firm is committed to developing and delivering high quality solutions to meet its customers’ needs while ensuring sustainable business growth.

Adapting its Business to the Fast-growing IT Industry

Being around for almost four decades, SVOA has witnessed the ever-increasing growth of the technology industry and how digital transformation has impacted organizations worldwide. As advanced technologies such as 5G, AI, Big Data and automation become more common, the company is determined to help both public and private sectors enhance their operations and services through technology.

“The past few decades have been marked by tremendous changes in technology. Digital transformation has become the key to the country’s economic growth and its competitiveness. Many state agencies and companies are looking to upgrade their IT infrastructure to ensure productivity and efficiency. To seize the opportunity, SVOA must continue to provide the right solutions to help customers overcome challenges in the digital era,” said Ms. Kulapa Intanate, CEO of SVOA.

Huawei: SVOA’s Reliable Strategic Partner for Steady Growth in the Fast-Moving World

The strategic partnership between SVOA and Huawei began in 2018. SVOA was then looking for a reliable partner who could offer a full range of enterprise solutions that helped organizations elevate their digital experience for both staff and customers. Huawei impressed SVOA with its comprehensive product line and unique innovations. The tech company offered industry-leading solutions for data communications, data storage, data management, remote operations systems as well as many intelligent platforms for collaborative working and learning. “Based on our experience, Huawei solutions are purposefully designed to boost productivity and enable faster and smarter operations. But more importantly, Huawei’s team of experts always takes customers’ challenges and requirements into consideration before coming up with the right solutions. For us, this is the key to success in this competitive industry,” explained Ms Kulapa.

The two companies have been working closely together to help leading organizations transform digitally. Supporting each other’s strengths, they have set a clear goal to help enterprises lay a strong IT infrastructure equipped with cutting-edge technology. As Huawei’s value-added partner, SVOA has set up a strong team of experts dedicated to overseeing Huawei projects. Through Huawei’s Partner Enablement Programs, SVOA staff, both pre-sales and post-sales, are certified (should we mention HCPA and HCPP?) to present and implement Huawei’s solutions to ensure customer satisfaction.

Over the past four years, SVOA and Huawei have been enjoying an average 40% revenue growth per year, a remarkable achievement despite challenges brought by the global pandemic. Together they are looking forward to the future where they have plans to expand into new sectors to help make more lives easier through technology.