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  • SAMART Telcoms Expands its Business Horizons through Strategic Partnership with Huawei

    SAMART Telcoms Expands its Business Horizons through Strategic Partnership with Huawei

SAMART Telcoms: celebrating 35 years of commitment to digital excellence

Established in 1986, SET-listed SAMART Telcoms Public Company Limited is a subsidiary of SAMART Group, Thailand’s leading ICT solution and technology-related products and services provider. The company focuses on offering a comprehensive range of cutting-edge network systems to its clients. It is committed to helping companies and organizations find the right digital solution that empowers their business growth and service expansion in the digital era.

As one of the local pioneers of the nation’s ICT scene, the firm has helped many state agencies enhance their operational efficiency through the use of innovative and reliable telecommunications products from world’s leading equipment makers. Its main goal is to meet clients’ high expectations to create a win-win partnership that benefits all Thais. For the company, the secret to winning megaprojects is never chance, but dedication, hard work, and a clear vision.

Being around for almost 4 decades, the firm continues to improve and seek new opportunities, leveraging on its extensive experience and know-how of the competitive Thai market. To fulfill its mission of sustaining growth in the fast-paced digital industry, SAMART Telcoms needs a trustworthy partner who shares the same passion for constant development and excellence.

The right partnership sparks new opportunities

The collaboration between SAMART Telcoms and Huawei Enterprise began in 2018 when SAMART was looking for a long-term strategic partner that not only affirms the company’s leading position but also contributes to its business expansion. According to SAMART, Huawei was indeed the perfect choice, thanks to its full range of end-to-end solutions, customized and engineered to support any business transformation with its flexible and innovative features.

To stay competitive as technology evolved, SAMART realized the importance of expanding its offering into new industries, such as banking and finance, transportation, utilities and others. With the support of Huawei and its best-in-class ICT solutions, SAMART looks to enhance its digital capabilities with advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and Cloud.

An alliance forged to thrive together

In 2018, SAMART Telcoms became Huawei’s certified Gold partner. However, to optimize its service capacity and get the best out of all the leading solutions and world-class support Huawei has to offer, the firm encouraged its engineers to participate in Huawei’s vigorous ICT training programs and certification exams. Within one year, SAMART became a certified Value-Added Partner (VAP). The highest tier solution partner status confirmed that the two would team up to bring digitization into more business sectors and help their partners find success in the intelligent era. The company also quickly became a 4-star Certified Service Partner (CSP) in Datacom, Storage and Transmission, with 72 SAMART engineers now certified to provide services for all Huawei’s ICT solutions.

Through its partnership with Huawei, SAMART was successful in securing megaprojects in the digital banking, public security, telecoms and utilities, helping organizations transform their digital experience. The two partners worked closely together from the start to the finish line, coming up with the strategic proposal and tailor-made plans that can drive their client towards long-term success. With mutual belief in highest quality of work and service delivery, the companies are enjoying the shared success, developing and providing solutions that create better services for the community.

The flourishing business “just the beginning”

Using widely recognized ICT equipment, SAMART is well-equipped to grow and develop new digital systems that meet and exceed customers’ expectations. The company is able to remain focused on its mission to grow sustainably, helping organizations provide better and more efficient digital services for everyone. With Huawei, the firm is looking forward to more fruitful cooperation in the future, contributing to society through world-class ICT infrastructure.