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    The First Commercial Application of Huawei EV Charging Technology in Asia Pacific

The First Commercial Application of Huawei EV Charging Technology in Asia Pacific

An EV charging station applying Huawei Digital Power HiCharger technology in Rayong is soon to be launched. Huawei HiCharger 20kW DC Charging Module is selected by Polytech for its own high efficiency and reliability, which provides stable and fast electricity charging for local EV buses.

Why Invest in EV Charging Technology?

In March, 2021, Thailand government passed the country's new EV policy, which is geared towards ensuring all vehicles produced in Thailand will be EVs by 2035. This is not only marked a strong increase in environmental consciousness, but also a rising confidence in the local EV market. For EV charging technology and EVs, these are anticipated to be the next trend that would replace ICE cars and help lower CO2 emission level and PM.2.5; at the same time, EV charging technology is also expected to be able to support more than just cars, but also as a node between the grid and the IOV in the charging infrastructure. With the help of it, “Vehicle to grid and vehicle to home” could be realized in the future.

Challenges of EV Project in Thailand

EV charging technology has always been discussed but rarely implemented, especially in South East Asia. The main challenge is that investing in both EV charging station would lead to an enormous spending on CAPEX, putting pressure on parties who want to invest in it. Therefore, in order to protect the initial investment of investors, the charging infrastructure needs to have the advantages of high reliability, high efficiency, and future-oriented evolution. However, as the EV technology trend approaches, in Thailand, more and more programs and campaigns are launched from different parties to help support EV projects.

Why Choose Huawei HiCharger?

Huawei is selected by Polytech to supply and install for their customer due to its reliability, high-efficiency, and wide output voltage range. Equipped with Smart O&M technology, the charging module’s annual failure rate is less than 0.2%, which is 1-2% higher on efficiency than others, reduce expenses on O & M and electricity fees. Huawei HiCharger 20kW DC Charging Module also has high-voltage fast charging, which enables the charging station to provide up to 1000Vdc charging. It can also adapt to future high voltage cars, so that the customer do not have to do retrofitting and saving customer investment. All these features makes the charging station to provide fast and stable electricity for EV vehicles in Rayong. This cooperation stands for a milestone for Huawei's charging business in Asia Pacific. Polytech will continue to cooperate with Huawei to promote the development of the charging infrastructure industry in Thailand. Simultaneously, Huawei will keep providing the best service through the latest technology to help customers contribute both in commercial values and sustainable development.