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    Thailand’s Ministry of Digital Economy and Society (MDES) and Huawei Collaborate to Provide Smart Field Hospital Solution to Bang Khun Thien Field Hospital

Long term mission to improve quality of life and boost the economy through technology

Among its key missions, the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society (MDES), aims to address challenges and improve people’s lives through digital technology. In line with Thailand’s Digital Economic and Society Development Plan, the MDES is dedicated to transforming the country into a technology-driven society, expanding new business opportunities and empowering the country’s public and private organizations alike towards a prosperous and sustainable future.

To reach this goal, the MDES has established a longstanding collaboration with leading private companies, such as Huawei Technologies, to leverage on their expertise and innovations. Together, they develop a strong digital infrastructure that connects people and boost the country’s social and economic growth in the long run.

Keeping everyone safe the top priority amid the pandemic

Like most countries, Thailand faced challenges stemming from the global health crisis. Since the beginning of the local pandemic outbreak in early 2020, the MDES, with the help of several agencies that promote digital technology, promptly responded to the country’s urgent need for reliable digital solutions and innovative technologies designed to meet the demands and requirements of those in the Covid-19 front-line. With the objective to ensure health and safety of both medical staff and patients, the MDES actively combined efforts and gathered resources from top organizations to help the government contain the outbreak and keep everyone connected by ensuring smooth and timely communications for all working teams, at traditional hospitals and emergency medical facilities alike.

Huawei’s Smart Field Hospital Solution: advanced technology that fulfills all requirements

Over the past two decades, Huawei has always been a trusted ICT partner for the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society. To help the country develop a healthy ICT infrastructure, they have been working closely on many digital projects, from implementing high-speed internet access to launching Thailand 5G Ecosystem Innovation Center, making sure Thailand stay digitally competitive.

Based on the Ministry’s mission to ensure highly-efficient, 24/7 communication at field and traditional hospitals, Huawei proposed its tailor-made Smart Field Hospital Solution to support around-the-clock operations. The cutting-edge solution features the following innovations:
  • • Huawei 5G Telemedicine Solution is a remote communication system that connects doctors and patients, providing HD audiovisual recording and live broadcasting. The solution enables quality healthcare from anywhere with remote expert consultation, medical education as well as accurate health monitoring in real time. Medical operations, including surgeries, can be streamed live or recorded for future trainings.
  • • InPatient Area Intelligent Management is an AI-empowered area monitoring solution that accurately analyzes the density of high-risk areas and monitors body temperature at the entrance of facilities. The automatic security system helps lighten the workload of the medical frontliners, so they can focus on more important things that require human expertise.
  • • eLTE Broadband Trunking is a portable, preconfigured base station for a quick and easy installation. Uniquely designed to support emergency response, the equipment, operating on a private network, is ideal for rapid deployment at field hospitals, enabling high-speed and on-the-go LTE communications.
  • • Huawei IdeaHub Board is a 4K smart board designed for remote collaboration, integrating multiple functions such as video conferencing, co-authoring whiteboard, and wireless projection. The intelligent solution provides a smooth collaboration experience for healthcare, government, enterprise, and education teams. The integrated tool facilitates effective communication among medical staff, creating a risk-free virtual meeting experience.
Weathering the storm together with reliable, crisis-proof technology

Operating on latest technologies such as cloud, 5G and AI, Huawei’s integrated solution implemented at field and traditional hospitals significantly eased the burden of medical workers, allowing productive communication, high-speed data and knowledge transfer. In scenarios where every minute counts, the solution enables early and accurate medical treatment for patients.

Firm believers in the power of technology, the MDES and Huawei will continue to explore innovations that make significant and positive impact on Thai people and society. With their combined expertise, the country will be better equipped to overcome any challenges in the future.