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    Intelligent Innovation Helps State Railway of Thailand Achieve Network Infrastructure Modernization through Huawei’s DWDM Solution

Intelligent Innovation: Helping State Enterprises Build Strong Security and Communication Networks for Over a Decade

Intelligent Innovation Company Limited was founded in 2009 by a group of seasoned software engineers specializing in security and communications networks. The company is an IT solutions provider and integrator serving its high-profile clientele in various industries. With the aim to help enhance operations efficiency and safety for organizations using advanced ICT equipment, it offers an extensive range of high-quality products such as digital radio equipment, remote networking and video conferencing, CCTV, facial recognition system, and others.

As a leading expert in providing and implementing the latest innovations for several major state enterprises in Thailand, Intelligent Innovation’s mission is to offer the best communications solutions to help its clients overcome IT challenges and achieve higher operations efficiency, leading to smoother and faster public services for Thai people in this era of digital transformation.

A Long-Trusted Partner of State Railway of Thailand (SRT)

Over the past decade, Intelligent Innovation has become one of the trusted IT partners of several government agencies, including the State Railway of Thailand (SRT), when it comes to communications technology integration. The firm has been a vital enabler of SRT’s network infrastructure modernization, from installing Digital Radio, CCTV cameras to upgrading public announcement systems as well as communication-based train control. It has been working with global ICT solutions providers to make sure each project meets the client’s stringent requirements.

An Excellent Partner for Railway Digital Transformation

With the increasing demand for high-speed bandwidth capacity and reliability of Optical network to boost SRT’s internal operations and service performance, Intelligent Innovation was looking for an ultimate partner and solution provider that could put together tailor-made innovations and a dedicated team of experts to support SRT on its network upgrade journey.

Widely recognized as an innovative ICT infrastructure solution provider for enterprise customers worldwide, Huawei was indeed the ideal choice for Intelligent Innovation. Upon forging their alliance in 2019, Huawei brought to the table its best-in-class solutions and a resourceful team of ICT experts. To secure SRT’s network modernization project and maintain their competitive edge in the railway industry, the two companies set up a dedicated team, consisting of both top management and highly skilled engineers, to come up with a comprehensive solution that would drive SRT’s communications towards the next level of speed and reliability.

Huawei’s DWDM Backbone: Delivering Highly Efficient Services for SRT’s Staff and Passengers

Taking into consideration the challenges and the requirements of SRT, Huawei and Intelligent Innovation proposed Huawei’s DWDM backbone, comprising Huawei’s top-class OTN (Optical Transport Network) platform as well as high-performance core and access switches. Meeting SRT’s strict requirements, Huawei’s globally accepted network solution helped the railway operator lay out a fast and highly flexible network infrastructure that enables smoother train operations and better workflow management. All railway operations, including staff management, data transfer, crisis monitoring, traffic control, cross-site communication, ticketing system and remote work solutions, became much faster, thanks to higher bandwidth support. The improved IT infrastructure also allows for quicker and easier service implementation, and is designed to facilitate future expansion. More than 100 railway operation sites nationwide have benefitted from the IT overhaul.

Sustaining Growth in Public Sector Together

Following the success of the network backbone modernization project for SRT, Intelligent Innovation and Huawei continue to explore fresh opportunities in the public sector, with a shared mission to help more enterprises in their digital transformation journey. Together they remain committed to providing the right IT solutions that help state enterprises deliver better public services for all Thais.

DWDM, for ‘Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing’ is an optical multiplexing technology used to increase bandwidth over existing fiber networks.