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    Private Healthcare Provider Luz Saúde Upgrades Patient Services with All-Flash Storage

As the sun rises each day over the bustling city of Lisbon, the Luz Saúde Group stands ready to provide top-notch healthcare services to the people of Portugal. With a team of over 16,000 dedicated professionals staffing 28 state-of-the-art facilities, and a total of 1550 beds available nationwide, the group has become a byword for caring for those in need.

Building Strong Communities through Technological Evolution

Indeed, whether seeking treatment for a minor ailment or a more serious, life-threatening condition, Luz Saúde has exactly what patients need, offering a wide range of medical specializations and expertise. So the group is committed to building strong relationships with the communities its facilities serve, understanding that healthcare isn't just about treating illnesses, rather it's about fostering trust and connection with the people and communities they serve.

But, the Luz Saúde Group has faced challenges along the way and technological evolution has proved critical to addressing new needs and preparing for the future.

IT Infrastructure for Streamlined Operations and Improved Efficiency

With data flows increasing, the group required robust and scalable solutions to handle large volumes of information without compromising performance. Simplified Information Technology (IT) infrastructure was deemed key to operations and management in order to streamline processes and reduce costs. And with the digitalization of processes, automated workflows were also seen as vital to improving efficiency.

Of course, security and responsiveness to a range of risks also needed to be addressed to ensure the safety and integrity of data. And agility and high performance were desirable, to provide a seamless experience for end-users.

OceanStor Dorado Solutions Revolutionize Healthcare Services at Luz Saúde

Luz Saúde chose to work with Huawei and the partnership has proved a game-changer in the healthcare industry, using state-of-the-art technology to improve patient services. Ever since the first implementation of an OceanStor 2600 storage system in March 2019, the partnership has grown deeper, with more and more Huawei solutions being integrated into the group's infrastructure. OceanStor Dorado 3000 and 5000 all-flash solutions, in particular, have proved instrumental, providing the high performance, agility, and resilience — even during traffic peaks — that the most critical services need.

The recent implementation of OceanStor Dorado's storage solution has yielded remarkable results, significantly enhancing system performance. With consistent latency below 0.5ms and performance exceeding 120K IOPS, the solution has greatly improved service response times and user experience across various applications. This has resulted in faster application load times, improved system responsiveness, and faster file transfers, ultimately boosting productivity. The solution is designed to handle peak usage without compromising response times, ensuring optimal performance at all times.

Huawei's solutions are not only powerful, but also easy to install and use. The HyperText Markup Language (HTML) Management Console and Cloud Monitoring Platform, for example, makes it simple to manage and monitor entire systems, while the consistency of concepts between various solutions and versions ensures a smooth and seamless experience. Additionally, it offers a Rapid implementation process, allowing for quick and efficient deployment.

Security is also a top priority for Huawei, with granular control of Network-Attached Storage (NAS)-level security and secure access to administration consoles. This ensures that sensitive data is protected at all times, giving patients and healthcare providers true peace of mind.

Brighter Future for Healthcare in Portugal

So, with a range of Huawei storage equipment already in place, Luz Saúde plans to continue expanding its partnership with Huawei, growing existing solutions and acquiring new ones for emerging needs, in turn reimagining the healthcare industry to provide ever higher quality services to patients across Portugal.

This is how a brighter future for healthcare in Portugal is being forged: through state-of-the-art technologies and the joint commitment of both the Luz Saúde Group and Huawei.