Game-Changing Switches | Huawei CloudEngine S5755-H Series High-Quality 2.5GE Switches, Ideal Choice for 10 Gbps Campuses


As mentioned in the last issue, 2.5GE is an excellent choice as enterprises transition towards 10GE, providing a higher rate than GE while being more economic than 10GE. With 2.5GE, CAT5E cables can be reused for 2.5GE ports, eliminating the need for re-cabling after the upgrade. 2.5GE ports are also compatible with legacy devices on the live network, eliminating the need for network reconstruction. In short, it improves bandwidth while minimizing upgrade costs.

CloudEngine S5755-H series high-quality 2.5GE switches

CloudEngine S5755-H series high-quality 2.5GE switches

In line with this, Huawei launches the CloudEngine S5755-H series 2.5GE switches. By bridging the gap between GE and 10GE, these sophisticated switches are an ideal choice for enterprises. The series also stands out with the following highlights:

▪ High speed

Currently, many vendors such as Lenovo and HP provide office computers with 2.5GE ports. Considering this, Huawei provides E2E 2.5GE high-speed network services to terminals (high-performance PCs) and to rooms (APs). In addition, the 2.5GE ports support downward compatibility with 100M ports and industry-unique compatibility with 10 Mbps legacy terminals. In this way, CloudEngine S5755-H series switches can accommodate all the terminals on customers' live networks, so that no devices are unused after the upgrade.

In today's market, not only are GE access networks evolving to 2.5GE, but at the aggregation and core layers, 10GE and 40GE ports are rapidly upgrading to 25GE and 100GE. To meet these needs, CloudEngine S5755-H series switches support 10GE/25GE/40GE/100GE uplink optical ports, providing ultra-broadband transport and smooth evolution capabilities for future 10 Gbps campus networks.

▪ High reliability

In many scenarios, services must run uninterrupted 24/7. This means that faults must be minimized, which places high demands on network reliability. Traditional stacking and clustering makes upgrades complex and risky, as fault diffusion leads to a large number of breakdowns. CloudEngine S5755-H series switches, however, support Multichassis Link Aggregation Group (M-LAG), which ensures always-on service upgrades and fault isolation. In addition, the switches use pluggable power modules and fans in N+1 backup mode to ensure stable operation.

▪ High convergence

On the customer's live network, the office, security, and production networks are independently deployed, resulting in high network construction and O&M costs. In addition, different services share and preempt resources, failing to guarantee key services. To address these issues, CloudEngine S5755-H series switches support network slicing and virtual extensible local area network (VXLAN) to centrally manage VIP users, R&D, and security services. VXLAN help achieve one network for multiple services eliminates the need to re-invest in network construction, improves network resource utilization, and reduces TCO by 50%.

▪ High security

Today, as more and more services are migrated to the cloud, most services are network-dependent and need to be secured. CloudEngine S5755-H series high-quality 2.5GE switches support the all-port MACsec technology for E2E encrypted networking, ensuring no information is leaked. This can meet the stringent information security requirements of government and financial customers.

Recently, CloudEngine S5755-H series switches, won a silver award of IP Insider Awards from Vogel IT (a division of Vogel, the largest media company in Germany), proving that they are already the preferred choice of many customers. Indeed, 2.5GE is set to be the next generation of gigabit networks. We believe that Huawei CloudEngine S5755-H series 2.5GE switches can serve as the link between the past and the future, providing customers with an ideal choice.

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