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  • Intelligent IP Transport Network Solution for Finance

    Intelligent IP Transport Network
    Solution for Finance


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Intelligent IP Transport Network Solution for Finance

As enterprises pose higher requirements on automation and intelligence, the access and core networks start to adopt SRv6. NCE orchestrates different networks and provides multi-domain network services for the upper layer. With simplified network protocols, one WAN is sufficient for various services.


Automatic Service Provisioning

Ubiquitous Connectivity

• Agile access network for private lines, Internet, and IoT

Intelligent O&M

Fast Service Provisioning Across Domains

• Unified backbone and access network technologies, E2E automated provisioning of cross-domain network configurations, and unified management of cross-domain services
• Controller-based cross-domain orchestration

Intelligent O&M

• IFIT-based real-time network status collection, E2E service visualization on the core network, and fast fault locating
• SRv6-powered application identification, and latency- and bandwidth-based intelligent traffic steering on the backbone network


Leveraging DCI Reconstruction Opportunities to Build Agile and Stable Financial DCI Backbone Networks.

Intelligent IP Transport Network Solution for Finance Architecture

• SRv6-based intelligent optimization, even load distribution, high link utilization

• TI-LFA protection technology, IFIT-based visualized O&M, and "1-1-0" service O&M

• 30%+ data compression, 0-cost capacity expansion