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Digital Communications Solution for Pipelines

Pipeline transmission is important for oil and gas production. With long transmission lines and complex geographical environments, oil and gas companies face risks and challenges. Some of the uncertainties include production data not obtained in a timely manner due to insufficient network coverage with manual meter reading and inspection. Also, frequent pipeline damage, oil and gas thefts occurring due to lack of real-time surveillance and prevention, and live network communication systems not compatible with one other to cause low communication efficiency.

The Huawei Digital Communications Solution for Pipelines provides sub-solutions, including reliable network, intelligent video surveillance and security, and multimedia communications, to enable efficient production and secure operations for oil and gas pipelines.

Optical Ring and Satellite Emergency Communication Backbone Network

The basic network solution relies primarily on optical transmission. The control center, stations (metering, pump, and compressor), and valve rooms are connected through the optical transmission network, that is deployed in a ring-network configuration to ensure reliable communications. A Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) system can be used as a backup link among key stations, such as the control center, metering, pumping, and compressor. In the case of an optical transmission interruption, key services, including Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and telephony are automatically switched to the VSAT link to ensure service continuity.

Intelligent Linkage of Security Monitoring Systems Enables Prevention

The intelligent security solution integrates video surveillance, Intrusion Detection System (IDS), access control, and PA/GA systems. Based on optical vibration, the IDS and IVS systems facilitate to generate alarms and send intrusion signals to the IVS system where on-site videos are displayed in the surveillance center. Monitoring personnel can perform rapid positioning, dispatch, and commands based on the GIS map and trunking communication system to improve emergency response efficiency.

Voice, Video, and Data Comply with Third-Party Systems for Efficient Collaboration

The multimedia communication solution converges voice, video, and data communication connections to enable telephony, video, trunking, and desktop-sharing services. Based on Huawei’s platform architecture, the communication system can seamlessly work together with third-party products and carrier networks to enable efficient communications across diverse systems. The convergent communication solution supports a variety of terminals and delivers a collaborative, interactive experience for global office and conferencing at all times. 

Terminal types include Analog, IP, and video phones, software terminals such as eSpace and Lync, computers, and Wi-Fi and trunked phones.

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