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Transforming Digital Hospitals and Enabling Mobile Medical Services

ICT is reinventing healthcare, from fully connected eHospitals that can deliver services to more and more people, to integrated regional networks that help reduce costs, cut errors, and improve service quality.

Huawei’s fully connected healthcare solutions provide medical professionals and organizations with the collaborative infrastructure they need to securely share, process, and use healthcare data, to more effectively care for their patients.

Elsewhere, our advanced, people-oriented medical services solutions use a variety of telemedicine applications to enable remote HD video, teleconsultation, remote surgical demonstrations, medical video-on-demand, and remote doctors’ visits.

  • eHospital

  • Regional Health

  • Multi-Channel HD Telemedicine

Rozwiązanie zwinnej sieci e-szpitala

Pomaga szpitalom sprostać wyzwaniom dzięki inteligentnej, solidnej i bezpiecznej, zwinnej sieci opartej na SDN.

Regional Healthcare Information Network

Huawei — and partners — leverage cloud computing and LTE communications to improve access to medical resources in regional areas. Discover More.

Multi-Channel HD Telemedicine

Huawei’s Multi-Channel HD Telemedicine services enable teleconsultation, surgical demonstrations, medical education, outdoor first aid, and mobile ward rounds. Discover more.

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