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Creating a Digital Hospital and Promoting Mobile Medical IT Construction

Huawei’s fully connected healthcare solutions provide medical professionals and organizations with the infrastructure they need to collaborate, securely share, process, and use healthcare data more effectively. We develop advanced, people-oriented medical service solutions using a variety of telemedicine applications. Remote HD video, teleconsultation, remote surgery demonstration, medical video-on-demand, and remote doctor visits are all part of the package.

  • eHospital

  • Regional Health

  • Multi-Channel HD Telemedicine

Rozwiązanie zwinnej sieci kampusowej eHospital

Helps hospitals address challenges with a smart, robust, and secure agile network underpinned by SDN.

Regional Healthcare Information Network Solution

Leverages cloud computing and LTE communications across regional healthcare networks with unified O&M and security.

Multi-Channel HD Telemedicine Solution

Huawei’s Multi-Channel HD Telemedicine Solution enables teleconsultation, surgery demonstrations, medical education, outdoor first aid, and mobile ward rounds.