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High Line Loss

• Lack of smart meters
• Inadequate line loss management and electricity theft investigation
• Poor online monitoring and data analysis

Low Power Supply Reliability

• Low power supply reliability, long outage times, and high frequency of faults
• Difficulty in locating faults and long recovery time
• Inefficient O&M and emergency repair instead of inspection

Massive Access to Clean Energy

• Poor network connection and management, low consumption rate
• Lack of security and reliability within power grids
• High demands on power grids


Manual O&M → Intelligent O&M

benefits 1

One-way collection → Regional autonomy

benefits 2

Multi Feature Phone → One Smart Phone(ECU)

benefits 3

Intelligent Distribution Solution Features

why1 pc
One line

• HPLC with 99.9% reliability: Power services are carried on power lines, which enables fast and reliable access for transformer district devices.

why3 pc
One Network

• Fiber and wireless backhaul networks provide full coverage in distribution network scenarios.
• The communication reliability is
99.9%, which improves the device
online rate and ensures reliable data backhaul.

why2 pc
One Device

• 5 in 1: Hardware-based platforms,
app-based software, software and hardware decoupling, and on-demand service deployment all meet service evolution requirements for things like new energy.

why04 pc
One Platform

• One on-premise private cloud, geo-redundant 3DC DR solution for security.
• One IoT platform for IT and OT data integration across all departments.


application scenarios1

Lean management of line loss

• Line loss management and power theft monitoring at three levels: transformer district, branch, and user
• Topology recognition accuracy: 99%
application scenarios2 1

Multi Feature Phone → One Smart Phone(ECU)

• ECU, saving TCO
• Cloud-edge collaborative architecture, supporting rapid launch of new services
• Software defined terminals (such as ECU), meeting future evolution requirements
application scenarios3

Group control and management of distributed PV

• Secure 5G slice access and real-time load monitoring
• Cloud-edge collaboration and intelligent analysis & decision
application scenarios4

Coordinated charging of charging piles

• One pile, one strategy
• Cloud-edge collaboration for accurate load control
• Coordinated access

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