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Overcoming Recruitment and Efficiency Challenges

Open-pit mines are widely perceived to be dangerous, unpleasant places to work, beset with many challenges and safety risks. In this environment, onsite transportation is, unsurprisingly, complex. And while transport accidents happen far too often, the whole process, generally speaking, is also far too inefficient and slow.

With mine operators facing increasing difficulties recruiting a new generation of workers, autonomous driving mining vehicles are an obvious — and highly effective — solution to the problem and, as such, are integral to the development of intelligent open-pit mines.

Huawei's intelligent Autonomous Driving Mining Vehicles Solution helps mine operators significantly reduce labor costs, save energy, and improve annual overall efficiency — by 10% or more.



Collaboration between the cloud, devices, vehicles, and roads ensures safe and efficient operations in mining areas, with fewer — or even no — staff required onsite.

Solution Highlights

  • Huawei's driverless solution for open-pit mines implements intelligent vehicle-cloud collaboration to improve operations efficiency.

    Cloud-based control: Multi-vehicle cluster management is implemented based on vehicle-route coordination, Right of Way (ROW) decision-making, and multi-factor queuing scheduling algorithms. Such collaborative operations improve the overall running of the system.

    High-performance network: 5G's low latency enables emergency takeover and high uplink bandwidth for High Definition (HD) video data backhaul.

    Intelligent mining vehicles: Highly stable and durable vehicle components are able to withstand harsh operating conditions. Advanced multi-sensor fusion technology combines with the powerful Huawei Mobile Data Center (MDC) to implement an all-weather, unmanned mining transportation solution.

  • The solution offers high performance and high security at the vehicle level.

    Mature technologies: With experience gained from developing autonomous driving cars, the technology is now more mature.

    Robust components: Designated ASIL-D, the highest automotive risk classification for operational situations, meaning that components are made to the most stringent safety standards.

    High security: Multi-sensor configuration and triple redundancy ensure system security.

    High computing power: The industry's highest computing power platform for commercial vehicles reaches 64 Trillion Operations Per Second (TOPS).

    High precision: Mapping achieves centimeter-level positioning, with high graded qualification for navigational maps.

    High efficiency: Vehicle-cloud synergy, with cloud-based scheduling and single-vehicle intelligence enabling more efficient operations.

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