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The development of intelligent mines depends on one critical factor: the rollout of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) infrastructure. To get it right, however, a range of challenges need to be addressed first.

·  There is a lack of industry standards: Interconnection between enterprise information systems is difficult and costly to establish, holding back system upgrades and evolution.
·  Interfaces are disparate:The interfaces of production devices are not unified, meaning that the value of data can't be unleashed.
·  Data is siloed: With existing systems siloed, system deployment is costly and data circulation and collaborative application are severely restricted.
·  Security is too lax: Security for equipment Operating Systems (OSs) and networks are proving inadequate to handle modern threats..

The key to overcoming these challenges lies in achieving three unifications: a unified platform, unified standards, and unified security. Guided by mine industrial internet architecture, Huawei's next generation ICT — from MineHarmony OS and a mine integrated bearing network to cloud infrastructure and a digital platform — empowers every mine with intelligence, unlocking the value of mine equipment data and applications. With these technologies in place, mining enterprises are able to build future-oriented, safe, efficient, and intelligent mines.


  • Network Security

    As cyber attacks become more commonplace globally, national governments have stepped up by introducing cyber security regulations, helping mining enterprises address this growing threat.

  • Cloud Infrastructure and Platform

    By breaking down system silos, unleashing the value of data, and enabling intelligent evolution, Huawei's Cloud Infrastructure and Digital Platform solutions help mining enterprises build future-oriented, secure, intelligent, and collaborative intelligent mines.

  • ICT Enables Intelligent Mine Information Infrastructure

    Networks are the backbone of intelligent mines. High performance and reliability are needed to ensure mining services run uninterrupted. They enable northbound industrial applications and empower southbound production and sensing equipment.

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