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    Industry eLTE Private Network Solution

    Facilitating automatic production in the energy industry (petroleum, gas, and mining) for higher efficiency, lower costs, and industry digital transformation.


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22 simplify the network

All-in-one network for multiple services

• Multiple networks (Tetra, Wi-Fi, WiMAX, and satellite) → One network (LTE): 50%+ less OPEX and CAPEX
• One system carries voice and video scheduling, positioning, mobile video, SCADA, and sensor data uploading services

153 management platform

High bandwidth

• User-data rate: 10 Mbps
• Adapts to a large number of applications Refined resource scheduling based on 9-level QoS ensures real-time data transmission

210 business handling

Wide coverage

• The coverage radius of single base station exceeds 10 km. Seamless handovers between base stations are supported to guarantee the performance of key services

90 service continuity

Long-term evolution

• Base stations can evolve from 4G to 5G through software upgrades



DBS5900 Distributed Base Stations

The DBS5900 is a wireless access device for the eLTE wireless broadband private network solution. It provides wireless access functions, including air interface management, access control, mobility control, and user resource allocation. The DBS5900 can meet the needs of industry users for wireless broadband access and multimedia critical communication, and obtain better coverage and user experience. The DBS5900 adopts a modular structure, with the baseband unit BBU and remote radio unit RRU deployed separately. The DBS5900 has the characteristics of small size, low power consumption, flexible installation, and rapid deployment.


Micro-ondes IP à fréquence traditionnelle 6-42 GHz

Le premier système de transmission micro-ondes IP du marché à prendre en charge les services TDM, hybrides, de paquets et de routage sur la plate-forme unifiée, répondant ainsi aux exigences de la transmission de services IP haute capacité et de l'évolution basée sur IP des micro-ondes PDH/SDH traditionnelles. Cette solution dispose d'une architecture flexible pouvant être déployée en extérieur, en intérieur, ou les deux. 


EP821 Broadband Trunking Handset

EP821 is a high-end broadband trunking hand-held terminal with a large screen, that provides powerful functions including private calls, group calls, SMS and MMS, broadband data access through LTE enterprise net and public net, video dispatching services, and concurrent transmission of multiple services.