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    Huawei SingleFAN Pro Solution

    Building Intelligent All-Optical Access to Embrace the Gigabit Era


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Gain the Edge

Optimal ROI for network construction

• No site acquisition: blade OLTs mounted on poles, without equipment room construction or onsite commissioning (CO+X)
• Free of fiber splicing: QuickODN with E2E pre-connection, improving network construction speed by 30%
• Revenue increase: PremiumWi-Fi increases ARPU by more than $10, accelerating ROI

Intelligent O&M

Premium broadband experience

• Network side: GPON → 10G PON imperceptible upgrade without replacing OLTs (Flex-PON) or ODNs (Class D), providing real gigabit bandwidth to homes
• Home side: optimal home network architecture (FTTR), gigabit Wi-Fi 6 everywhere, and guaranteed key service experience (eAI)

Converged Management

Intelligent network O&M

• Digital O&M: visualized management for passive networks (digital ODN), improving maintenance efficiency by 70%
• Visible and manageable: Wi-Fi troubleshooting without home visits (cloud management supported), making home networks visible, manageable, and maintainable
• Multi-tenant platform: cloud-based multi-tenant capabilities (FANS) and quick tenant access, reducing management costs by 30%