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    Intelligent Data Redundancy Elimination Solution for Financial WAN

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Intelligent data redundancy elimination Solution for Financial WAN

Data is transmitted over the WAN after compression. Data fragments are compressed using a compression algorithm and then sent to the remote peer, which decompresses the fragments into original traffic and forwards it to the receive end.


033 flexible service customization

Smaller Footprint,
Made Possible Using FPICs

The built-in dedicated compression FPIC eliminates the need for an extra device. This FPIC directly provides data redundancy elimination and decompression functions

Mature and Stable

Dynamic Compression,
Both Stable and Reliable

Compression paths can be dynamically established for hitless service switching in the case of faults. Moreover, multiple compression FPICs can be installed on a device for redundancy protection

Intelligent O&M

Super Performance,
Ultimate Experience

An industry-leading compression algorithm is adopted, with a compression ratio of over 30%


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