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    Campus Office Network

    Enjoy an unrivaled experience with simplified, two-layer architecture
    and intelligent O&M.


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Gain the Edge

End-to-end Networking

Simplified Architecture

With zero ELV rooms, just two network layers, and optical fibers extending right to the very edge, deployment costs and energy consumption are reduced by 20%. Additionally, E2E hard slicing of the entire network ensures a seamless experience for audio, video, and service control.

Simplified Access

Making network disconnections a thing of the past, high-density, uninterrupted coverage and seamless roaming offer free mobility for devices. With cross-regional access through a single account fostering collaboration — and with up to 30% faster speeds — truly flexible working is now a reality, anytime and anywhere.

Continuous Security

Ultimate Security

Cloud-network-security collaboration and near-source blocking enable quick threat response in seconds. AI optimizes detection effectiveness and facilitates threat model self-evolution.

Simplified O&M

Doing away with the need for data migration, a unified platform and deployment using a Personal Computer (PC), with Huawei's eSight tool, sees the O&M workload tumble by 50%. The Network Cloud Engine (NCE) centrally manages passive optical LANs (POLs) across multiple domains.


Real-World Success