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data application services

Comprehensive Application Protection

The software is used in edge/branch, data center, and cloud scenarios, covering backup recovery and copy management of traditional databases, virtualization, and file systems, as well as unified backup protection of emerging applications such as distributed databases, big data, data warehouses, AI, and SaaS.

Extensive Commercial Maturity

Unified Cloud Protection

Unified data backup and operation in multicloud environments; backup recovery, tenant resource isolation, and SLA services for cloud hosts, cloud databases, cloud data warehouses, containers, and cloud storage; free flow of backup data on and off the cloud.

Security Integration

High Resilience

Comprehensive data protection measures that include storage-network security collaboration, encryption, WORM anti-tampering, anti-deletion, and Air Gap; ransomware detection (99.9% accuracy) and defense; flexible data anonymization policies to meet regulatory requirements.

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