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    Huawei SmartAX MA5801-FL16

    A Compact and low-density box-shaped OLT.


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Flexible Networking

Lightweight and small size

The lightweight OLT weighs less than 5 kg and occupies 1 U installation space. It can be flexibly adapted to various scenarios.

Most Diverse CPE Types

High density, supporting 16 Flex-PON ports

Supports 16 Flex-PON service ports and works with Flex-PON optical modules to implement Flex-PON access.

Continuous Security

Dual power supplies, high reliability

Supports dual AC or DC power supplies, providing flexible power supply and high reliability.

Flexible Installation

Easy installation and flexible deployment

The matching small outdoor cabinet can be installed on a pole, tower, or wall, facilitating installation and reducing engineering costs.


Specification SmartAX MA5801-FL16-H1(DC)
Dimensions (W x D x H) (mm) Excluding mounting ears: 442 x 220 x 43.6 Including IEC mounting ears: 482.6 x 220 x 43.6 Including ETSI mounting ears: 531 x 220 x 43.6
Maximum fully-loaded weight2 5kg
Power supply mode DC power supply (dual backup)
AC power supply (dual backup)
Working voltage range DC power supply: –38.4 V to –72 V
AC power supply: 100–240 V
Rated voltage DC power supply: –48 V/–60 V
AC power supply: 110 V/220 V
Maximum input current DC power supply: 6 A
AC power supply: 2.5 A
Ambient temperature –40°C to +65°C
The device can start up at a lowest temperature of –25°C.
Ambient humidity 5%–95% RH
Atmospheric pressure 70–106 kPa
Altitude < 4000 m. The air density varies with the altitude and will affect the heat dissipation of a device. Therefore, the working environment temperature of the device varies with the altitude.
System switching capacity 240 Gbit/s
MAC addresses 32768
Access ONT 2048
IPv4 routing table 8192
IPv6 routing table 4096
ARP table 16384
Bit error rate (BER) in full load When FEC is enabled, the GPON BER is less than 10 e-10, and the XG(S)-PON BER is less than 10 e-12.
Upstream ports 4GE/10GE
Service ports 16 Flex-PON
System reliability specifications System availability for the typical configuration: > 99.999% Mean time between failures (MTBF): about 45 years
Power consumption • DC power supply:
• Static power consumption: 72W
• Typical power consumption: 127W
• Maximum power consumption: 228W
• AC power supply:
• Static power consumption: 73W
• Typical power consumption: 128W
• Maximum power consumption: 229W

1. This content is applicable only to regions outside the Chinese mainland. Huawei reserves the right to interpret this content.
2. The value before the slash (/) refers to the device's switching capability, while the value after the slash (/) means the system's switching capability.