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Leading Data Centers into the Li-ion Era

With a far smaller physical footprint and a significantly longer lifespan, Li-ion batteries are substantially more cost-effective than the traditional lead-acid batteries often used in the Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) of a data center. And with the cost of Li-ion batteries expected to continue to fall, by up to 30% over the next three years — arriving at the same price level as lead-acid alternatives — Li-on solutions will be increasingly deployed in data centers around the world.

As an innovator in the power supply and distribution sector, Huawei has integrated electronic and intelligent digital technologies to create the SmartLi UPS solution. By combining Huawei’s Li-ion battery technology with a unique modular design, SmartLi UPS reinvents the power supply system for next generation data centers.

Featuring the latest UPS power module — with a high density of 100 kW/3U — and boosting efficiency up to 97%, “1 MW, 1 Rack” can be achieved: this effectively reduces the power supply’s physical footprint by 50%, at the same time as increasing revenue — by freeing up more space for cabinets — and lowering overall costs for enterprises.

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SmartLi v3
SmartLi Solution

A battery energy storage solution for UPSs offering a longer lifespan in a compact design, for a safe, reliable power supply that's easier to maintain.

Why Choose Huawei SmartLi UPS?

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    Always On

    •  La conception modulaire garantit qu’il n’y a pas de point de défaillance unique
    •  iPower enables predictive O&M

  • 1

    simple à utiliser

    • Hybrid use of old and new modules, with online expansion supported
    • Modular swappable design, with replacements completed in minutes

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    • 2x longer service life, 10 years without need for replacement
    • Reduce footprint by 50% @ 1.2 MW/10 minutes
    • Industry leading system efficiency of 97%

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