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What Is Intelligent Video & Data Analytics?

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  • All-Intelligent

  • All-Scenario

Intelligence is a key feature for security. The focus of security is shifting from during-incident analysis and post-incident backtracking to pre-incident prevention. Huawei's Intelligent Video & Data Analytics solution offers high-class security systems that integrate Huawei's unique position in the computing, connection, storage, cloudification, and intelligence fields, as well as its years of technical experience in the ICT field. The solution provides intelligent technology to build a full-stack cloud, all-intelligent, and all-scenario solution.

▪ Full-stack cloud: It decouples software from hardware and applications from platforms to fully support a cloud-based architecture across business departments and industries. Breaking down the barriers, this solution achieves computing power synergy and resource sharing, converges various services, and supports big data and intelligent services throughout the lifecycle.

▪ All-intelligent: This solution provides the industry's smartest cameras, managed on a unified platform featuring device-edge-cloud synergy, to ensure a secure "smart device, agile edge, and powerful center" system. It enables multi-dimensional data to be transferred between devices and the cloud, safeguarding the security of the physical world with the development of the digital world.

▪ All-scenario: It features an all-access network, a full-service platform, and full-range data collection in many scenarios, including campus, transport, and education.

Huawei's Intelligent Video & Data Analytics solution provides a best-in-class security and tactical intelligence team. Software Defined Cameras, as high-performance cameras, offer industry-best surveillance, and the CloudIVS provides powerful video and image management, analysis, and search functions. They collaborate flexibly to drive security from what is visible and perceivable to what is foreseeable. Huawei's Intelligent Video & Data Analytics solution follows the platform + ecosystem + AI strategy, and Huawei is committed to building an ecosystem and platform for customers aiming to transform digitally as well as develop a wide range of applications.

Safeguarding You in All Walks of Life

  • Transportation5 solutions industries black transportationTransports
  • Education6 solutions industries black educationEnseignement
  • jichanganbao

    As an airport security officer...

    It is my job to provide security services for 130,000+ passengers every day.

    With cutting-edge AI algorithms and big data technology, Huawei Smart Traffic Video Surveillance Solution provides traffic violation recognition, and incident detection, for airports, railways, highways, and other transportation areas to simplify management and improve service quality, ensuring travelers have the most secure, efficient, and comfortable experience.

  • Industry 03 v2

    As an O&M supervisor...

    I am responsible for safe and efficient transportation of 4000+ people and 1000+ vehicles within the 120,000 square meters of workspace. Every day, I must create a safe and comfortable working and living environment for everyone in the campus.

    Huawei Smart Campus Video Surveillance Solution helps our customers build a comprehensive security system to improve living and vehicle travel efficiency and achieve visualized, digital, and intelligent management. This solution makes everyday life easier for all, and simplifies work at an intelligence level.

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