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HiSecEngine USG6700F Series AI Firewalls

Featuring new hardware and software architectures, Huawei HiSecEngine USG6700F series is a range of next generation Artificial Intelligence (AI) firewalls that use intelligent technologies to enable border defense, accurately blocking known and even unknown threats.

Equipped with multiple built-in security-dedicated acceleration engines, the firewalls support enhanced forwarding, content security detection, and Internet Protocol Security (IPsec) service processing acceleration. In addition, they include a security Operations and Maintenance (O&M) platform that implements unified management and O&M of a variety of security products — such as firewalls, Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) devices, and anti-Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) devices — reducing related Operations Expenditure (OPEX).



Parameters USG6710F USG6715F USG6725F
Fixed Interfaces 2 x 100 GE (QSFP28), 2 x 40 GE (QSFP+), 8 x 25 (ZSFP+), and 20 x 10 GE (SFP+) 2 x 100 GE (QSFP28), 2 x 40 GE (QSFP+), 8 x 25 (ZSFP+), and 20 x 10 GE (SFP+) 4 x 100 GE (QSFP28), 16 x 25 GE (ZSFP+), and 8 x 10 GE (SFP+)
Product Model 1U
Integrated Protection Provides firewall, VPN, intrusion prevention, antivirus, bandwidth management, anti-DDoS, and URL filtering.
Application Identification and Control Identifies more than 6000 applications with the access control granularity to application functions. Combines application identification with intrusion detection, antivirus, and data filtering, improving detection performance and accuracy.
Intrusion Prevention and Web Protection Promptly obtains the latest threat information for accurate detection and defense against vulnerability-based attacks. The device can defend against web-specific attacks, including SQL injection and XSS attacks.
DDoS Attack Mitigation Mitigates more than 10 common DDoS attacks, such as SYN flood and UDP flood. Supports URL keyword detection and blocking, as well as logs and alarms.
VPN  VPN encryption supports multiple highly available VPN features, such as IPsec VPN, SSL VPN, and GRE.
Antivirus Supports an intelligent antivirus engine that detects hundreds of millions of virus variants.

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